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Thursday, May 26, 2016

How Many "Chief" Deputies Can one Five Man Dept Have?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Troy McCoy": 

If McCoy was appointed "chief deputy" without civil service protection, he can run; if Walton is still chief deputy, then McCoy can not run. 

The ethics commission has ruled that 5 USC 1501 only applies if the Sheriff's office is financed by the us government by more than a "de minimis" amount.

They are not, so 5 USC 1501 does not apply here, but the civil service rules do. Someone needs to find out who is the chief deputy and when that appointment/change was made. 


  1. I think it depends upon who is most likely to be indicted and or who is willing to bend the rules the most.
    Humping buffalo has no imput in these decisions.

  2. Simple. Just go to the county clerk's office, and ask to see the minutes of the past deputy sheriffs civil service commission.

  3. It sounds to me that Troy is following a legal path on his quest to be sheriff. You should concentrate more on qualifications and less on procedure.

  4. I would post this on topix or one of the pathic sites but you have more readers.And wont delete the post to hide the truth.
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    What's funny about all this is a scumbag will never admit they are scumbags.But we know who they.


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