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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Your Attention Please!!!!

Over the last few years I have maintained two and  They are somewhat redundant but the latter site which I am closing,, has become a financial burden to me which has caused me to abandon it.  I have decided not to renew it this year to conserve my resources and focus on my other website.

This means that may soon disappear from the Internet.  It contains dozens of yearbooks and scores of historical links to articles and pics.  

If you wish to download anything off you are welcome to do so at no cost nor charge.  Some links have already degenerated over time and I cannot afford to maintain them any longer.  If you are interested in preserving this material you may simply "save as" any page which you can link to.

Have fun and please do so immediately.  As of this day my website is subject to disappearing so act quickly to save what you will. 

Cut and paste the following in IP address.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Monkey Balls

Balls like a brass monkey has left a new comment on your post "We Have a Theory About the Fire House Deal": 

Hey and what about wreaker # one blocking the cass fire house volunteers so that they get cut out of ambulance runs which have become very lucrative as of late.

wreaker # 1 watched cass build a simple two vehicle sub station which he got shut down ( it did not cost $190.000 either)while he knew the whole time that he was cooking this shady deal to buy the former sheets garage and block cass from using that building and then call in his marker from Charleston (assistant state fire marshal) to put this one over. 

Oh and by the way keep your eye on the former grimes fire wood plant right next to the sheets garage in greenbank because the school of thought is that wreaker # 1 has designs on it too 

Wait wreaker # 1 has also bought 6 1/2 acres from alfreds estate so he can cobble together a mobile home park with his FEMA trailers so he can have cheap source of labor for his new fire wood plant ...not jobs with a living wage with benefits for our kids as they enter the work force .

One would think that arbovale has enough dirty run down trailer parks filled with felons ,registered sex offenders ,meth cookers , jail birds on house arrest ,and just your standard run of the mill low life losers with no jobs who don`t take care of their kids. 

No three trailer parks in arbovale run by slum lords ain`t enough we get another one by corpulent greedy wreaker # 1 . 

If the readers do not believe that these trailer parks ( housing projects) are what I say well then treat yourself and take a spin through them one on Hannah run road ,one on buffalo mountain road ,one next to trents store ,and for god sakes don`t miss wreaker # 1 `s mess at the end of sunny durbin ( its other name buster town) such a beautiful collection of former FEMA mobile homes you have never seen the boys who are piled in them pay $ 100.00 each to live there .

I stress piled because they are over crowded men sleep in the kitchens ,bathrooms hallways ,and what should be the living rooms ....the wood hicks a hundred years ago who lived in lumber camps and cut timber for the logging companies had it better .

 I sure hope that the durbin UMC church has a heavy duty lightning rod on its roof cuzz they are going to need it for sure if wreaker # 1 is still going to attend there maybe they should read out loud the sermon on the mount for wreaker # 1 sometime soon 

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