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Friday, August 22, 2014

Community Alert--The Heat is On

Editor's Note:  The County Commission has spoken David Fleming voted in favor of the Resort Area District:  Walker and Beard voted against it.  It is legally dead!  The only way Snowshoe can get the RAD resurrected is to convince either Beard of Walker to change their vote.  Beard is running for reelection so it is doubtful that he will turn his tail and run.  Walker is up next for reelection and he likes the job pretty well.


Here's the latest letter:

We believe that Snowshoe is going to twist some arms privately to get Beard or Walker to change their votes!!!

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The Bryant/Litsey Excision--Part V

This would permit Litsey and Bryant to sell goods and services 2% cheaper than their neighbors who would be subsidizing them.

Its the Snowshoe rule:  Screw your neighbors before they screw you!!!!

The Bryant/Litsey Excision--Part IV

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