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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Grad 2016 Keepers I

Friday, May 27, 2016

Our Crap Detector is Going Off!


Local Man Claims that He Was falsely Imprisoned for Several Weeks

Editor's Note:  Despite a signed order granting bail and release from custody,  Luther Pritt was taken to jail and kept there in excess of 30 days.

On April 19,2016 Magistrate Carrie Wilfong signed and order releasing Luther, admitting him to bail and ordered his release.

Did that stop the Sheriff from taking him to jail?  Not on your life!

This is Pocahontas County where not even a magistrate's order is honored!

Luther is now homeless and walking the streets.  He gave this paper to me Friday evening and headed to the creek for a bath.

His incarceration cost the county over $1300 dollars.

 You will remember that the incarceration of Ferrell Kelly cost the county $43,800 dollars.

 It took 30 months to bring his case to trial and he was acquitted of that charge.

Can We Afford These Unnecessary Expenses?  

Think of how many senior meals this would provide!

Continuing Questions Re: Sheriff's Race

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