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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Times Has Major Reporting Error!!

Pocahontas Times ran story on Donna's case.  

They got it WRONG.  

It was not for 3500

and had nothing to do with items. 

Once again Connie Carr

and Times got it wrong.


The grand jury found no true bill regarding


The amount was a little less 

than $1100

It was dismissed "with prejudice" and can 


be brought up again.

The Times didn't even have a reporter at

the hearing.  

Again Donna is being 

punished for being right about Totten!!!

Bad News

The Hearing for J.L has been continued 


It was scheduled for Aug 12-13 but once 

again continued again..... 

No new date yet!!!!!

Here's a review of what he is charged 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fraudulent Bill

April 7, 2014

Norman Lee Alderman
135 Fossil Lane
Marlinton, WV 24954

Office of Disciplinary Counsel
City Center East
4700 MacCorkle Avenue SE, Suite 1200C
Charleston, West Virginia 25304

Re:  Complaint Against Attorney Eugene Simmons
and Attorney Robert P. Martin

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please let this letter serve as a forward request for an investigation by your office into the allegations which I present in exhibit form.  (enclosed)  Contained herein you will find a copy of an invoice submitted by both parties above to the Pocahontas County Commission for the month of Feb. 2013.  This document serves as a "time sheet" for the fulltime/contracted labor of a Robert P. Martin working supposedly as an assistant prosecuting attorney of Pocahontas County at the behest of elected prosecutor, Eugene Simmons, his supervisor and employer.

Accompanying this document you will find evidence from the Charleston Gazette that Robert P. Martin was engaged as the attorney before the West Virginia Supreme Court at the same time as he claims to have been working for the Pocahontas County Commission.  You will observe that he records his time from 8:30 to 4:30 which would comprise the workday.  So unless the WV Supreme Court meets at some other time in the day that the above stated time, Robert P. Martin could not have been representing the county and his supervisor, Eugene Simmons, should have known that this represented a false claim.

You will note that several days are "billed" by Mr. Martin.  We do not know for certain but trust that you can discover how many other days during this billing period he was engaged in activity other than county work.  I believe that you will find that Mr. Martin has committed a felony fraudulent act thereby victimizing the citizens of Pocahontas County who pay his salary.  I believe that you will also find that Mr. Simmons served as a facilitator  and perhaps a co-conspirator in this matter as well.  Both persons' representation is indicated by their respective signatures on the invoice.

Thank you very much for your consideration.


Norman Lee Alderman


I, Norman Lee Alderman, do hereby verify that I have personally signed this document and that it is true insofar as it is relied based on the truth and facts available to me at the time of this writing which is April 7, 2014.

Signed:  _________________________________________  April 7, 2014

Notary Statement

Verified by ____________________________________ who has personally witnessed my signing this document.

Signed:  ___________________________________  April 7, 2014

The ODC's Investigation of the Prosecutor's Office

Monday, July 28, 2014

Dismissed with Prejudice--Donna Wins!!!

Former Prosecuting Attorney Donna Meadows-Price's indictment has been dismissed with prejudice by the special judge at the request of the special prosecutor.  This means that the charges can no longer be presented against her forever.  She agreed to pay a little less than $1100 restitution for the shortages found in her office.

Donna has suffered retaliation by the "good ole boys" ever since she called for an investigation of the Pocahontas Sheriff's office.  She was responsible for initiating the investigation of Deputy Totten who was implicated in 69 counts of sexual improprieties.  As a result of her principled stand, an open feud occurred between her and the sheriff.

It got so bad that even the county commission filed charges against Sheriff Jonese for using court house cameras on his facebook.

Prosecuting Attorney Eugene Simmons and former Assistant Prosecutor Robert P.  Martin are currently under investigation by the Office of Disciplinary County for fraudulently billing.

Eugene Simmons is special prosecutor in Greenbrier County for a million dollar plus misappropriation of public funds by the Greenbrier County Commission.

Martin was recently terminated by Prosecutor Simmons with no reason given for the summary termination.


In other news:  Deputy Nelson has been reinstated to his office in Pocahontas County!  It has been reported that the county gave him $50,000 backpay and restoration of all benefits.  He was on duty today as bailiff.  Our correspondent has indicated that he is forbidden to "bad mouth" the sheriff.  Our reporter indicated that it is rumored that the reason for his firing was that he refused to falsify documents.  (That's a secret--don't tell anyone!)  It is nice to know that Deputy Nelson is a man of integrity!!

Our report on the Totten sentencing has some people worried as to who the other cops were that Judge Rowe wanted to get their "just dues"  Look for more investigations as the truth creeps out!!

Is there another sexual predator on the local police force??????

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