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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Bridger Boys

Marlinton 1906

Hennimann May Cost Some Big Bucks

Editor's Note:  When Cynthia Broce Kelly, magistrate signed a misdemeanor warrant for the arrest of Jerry Heinemann late at night  when she could have restricted the warrant to daytime, she may have well put herself and the county officials in serious financial jeopardy.

Sheriff Jonese has instituted a practice of making late night arrests so that the victim is forced to spend the night in jail.  This has to stop.  It can stop if a magistrate checks the "time" of service.  In the instant case, Kelly just let them make the decision.

Major Free Speech Ruling


Supreme Court rules on political speech and the First Amendment

Jonathan Stahl,National Constitution Center 6 hours ago 

Things Older Than Our High School

Editor's Note:  Our school board wants us to vote for a levy this fall so that we can have a new high school.  I got to thinking that maybe that the high school is really not that old.

Cascades of Stony Creek

Pocahontas County Has a Wife Beater

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