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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Old News--Experimental 1 full page

We Have Two Significant Amendments to the Next CC Meeting.

1.       Discussion and/or Action – Interstate Hardwoods Lease Agreement with Pocahontas County Commission.  ****

2.       Discussion and/or Action – Law Enforcement Contract with Snowshoe Mountain Resort.  ****

Editor's Note:   For years I have been exposing the lousy deal between the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Authority and Interstate Lumber in which Interstate Lumber pays the GVEDC authority $8,000 per month for use of their facility. 

 GVEDC returns nothing to the county in effect making a tremendous profit off a local business. 

 This is almost $96,000 per year which could be used for the Durbin Library or the Senior Citizens' Program.

  It is completely disingenious for the CC to allow an outside corporation to make such ungainly profit from a local employer.  It is time to stop this rape of our county.  We hope that this is the beginning of the end for this wretched organization known as the Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Authority which does nothing for us except enrich us at our expense.  I am hoping that this will change on Tuesday.

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