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Friday, January 31, 2014

Re: Contract Employees

I need to report my employer for calling me an independent contractor and not taking taxes out for me.?

When she hired me she took advantage of the fact that I knew nothing about "self employment", so when she told me that I would be working for her real estate office as an administrative assistant/secretary and working 40 hours a week, for $8 dollars an hour, but I would need to do my own taxes, I was apprehensive but needed a job quick. I have come to find out that she is taking advantage of me. I am having to take out a substantial portion of income to keep up with the self employment taxes. She told me that I am an independent contractor and do whatever she says, and once in a blue moon she will have run an errand locally, but 99% of the time, I sit behind a desk and take orders from her all day. I am even admonished if I am 2 minutes late. She said that all her agents, including herself, are independent contractors and self employed, but they get commission and such. I work the same hours-mon-fri. How do I go about reporting her? Am I right do do this? I want to find another job...

Additional Details

I am a teacher and looking for teaching work, but won't find that (hopefully) until August. In the meantime, I am trying to find another low paying secretarial job to keep myself afloat. I am constantly being disrespected at work and treated like a second class citizen. It's adding insult to injury. Had I not learned that what she was doing was wrong from wonderful yahoo answer users, I would have carried on being taken advantage of. I would rather take the risk of reporting her, consequences given to her, and I lose my job, than to sit here and do nothing about it. It's not right.
7 years ago
Also, why would she feel such a need to not take taxes out on me? How does she benefit from this? Am I am a tax-write off for her? What would make her so adamant abotu NOT taking taxes out of rme? I am must trying to understand what could compell her to do something like this?
Am I justified in feeling like I do, or she is on the up and up?
7 years ago

Best AnswerAsker's Choice

  • Rob answered 7 years ago
Who is an Employee?
A general rule is that anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done.
Who is a Common-Law Employee (Employee)?
Under common-law rules, anyone who performs services for you is your employee if you can control what will be done and how it will be done. This is so even when you give the employee freedom of action. What matters is that you have the right to control the details of how the services are performed.

To determine whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor under the common law, the relationship of the worker and the business must be examined. All evidence of control and independence must be considered. In an employee-independent contractor determination, all information that provides evidence of the degree of control and degree of independence must be considered.

Technically what she is doing is illegal

Complete for SS8


Internal Revenue Service
  • Z28_Zeppelin answered 7 years ago

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  • Bryan H answered 7 years ago
    Here is the link to the IRS,,id=96...

    You are NOT an independent contractor. Make sure that you save all documentation. Certainly your employer will be forced to pay the IRS and you have a significant legal claim against her for any taxes you have wrongly paid. Additionally, if she fires you for contacting the IRS you can sue for wrongful termination.

    She is certainly taking advantage of you. You in no way meet the criteria of someone who is an independent contractor.

    Edit note to Rob - Not just technically but morally wrong as well.

    Edit note to rwl_is_taken - You are wrong. Her ignorance of the law is her bosses fault. It is the employers responsibility to know what tax category employees fall into. If they are not sure then they need to ask.

    An example that might make more sense is calling someone a manager so that you don't have to pay them overtime. If they do not manage anyone then the employer owes that person the overtime they failed to pay. Even if the employee was thrilled to sign on as a manager and was given a base pay that took into consideration the fact that they would be working overtime.
  • Wayne Z answered 7 years ago
    You are correct. You should be an employee.

    Fill out an SS-8 and send it in.

    Your state unemployment commission will probably move a little faster than the IRS though. Your boss is also avoiding paying unemployment taxes on your salary.

    What ever "agreement" was between you and your boss at the start is irrelevant in determining whether or not you are an employee or not.
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  • Judy answered 7 years ago
    She is breaking the law by not taking out your taxes and paying the employer taxes on your earnings. She might not be violating the law deliberately, it could well just be ignorance, since if her other workers are real estate agents, they could well be considered independent contractors. But with your job duties, you are NOT, you're an employee.

    Or maybe it is deliberate, and she's just trying to save paying the employers share of social security and medicare taxes, and other taxes that the employer is responsible for.

    You've gotten a variety of good advice here already on how to report this.

  • jd_communitymortgage answered 7 years ago
    I would talk to an accountant and see what you can use or deduct for business expenses, mileage ect.
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  • rwl_is_taken answered 7 years ago
    your ignorance of tax law is not your bosses fault....if you were unsure of what being a self employed contractor meant then you should have asked for specific information.
    if you were unsatisfied with the answers you received but needed the job then you could have taken the job as a stop gap measure and continued looking for other employment.

    What could you possibly have to report her for? She disclosed that you were responsible for your own taxes.
    You get a paycheck for showing up while those working on commission have to sell to get paid.

    You could have turned the job down--you chose to accept employment.

    I do not mean to offend--I do understand because my mother was a teacher and worked odd jobs during the summer--but you were not lied to or tricked. you were informed and that was all that your boss was required to do-YOU choose to accept the job. You could have taken a day to think about it and done some research on self employment taxes to help you decide.
    Accept the consequences of your own lack of initiative.
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  • CarVolunteer answered 7 years ago
    Those who said to file the SS-8 and get your state involved are correct. Your boss is willfully disobeying the law and cheating you and the rest of the taxpayers.
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wonder How Mr. Meck Cleans His Sewage?????

Hopefully, no one has a garden downstream from this site!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Should Assist. Pros. Martin Apologize to John Leyzorke free polls 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Assistant Prosecutor Threatens Local Citizen--Part II

Assistant Prosecutor Threatens Local Citizen--Part I

First Order of Business Jan 2015

28 January 2014, Vol.1, No.2 > FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS

 (Part of The Crier Coalition of Internet News Services)

Reporting on The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC) in which NORMAN LEE ALDERMAN (REPUBLICAN), SOUTHERN DISTRICT & PATTI HEINEMANN (DEMOCRAT), NORTHERN DISTRICT are running a joint-bipartisan-campaign in which they both pledge to carry out the same policies & programs to offer Citizens of Pocahontas County a FRESH START!  And their FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS begins with Cleaning-Up the Pocahontas County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA)!

For almost two-decades since its inception, the PCSWA was NOT instituted in a legal manner since only one (1) person of the five (5) member board ever took an ‘Oath-of-Office’ as required by the State Constitution and respective State Laws – but the county commission FAILED in its oversight duties & responsibilities!  Not taking an ‘Oath’ or being ‘Bonded’ carries upwards to a $1000.00 FINE for each year per/member of the board – and after 18 years of neglect – that would amount to over $100,000.00 in fines!

The county commission also FAILED its oversight by allowing the PCSWA to have an owner of the County Disposal Corporation on its board, a direct conflict-of-interest, in direct violation of State Law!

The county commission also FAILED to insure that the local ‘Mandatory Garbage Disposal Regulations’ (MGDR), were in full compliance with existing State Laws – and as a direct & proximate result – the MGDRs are in multiple-violations of State Law.

State Law mandates that EACH OCCUPANT of a resident or business is responsible for disposing of solid waste in one or more of six different methods – INCLUDING EXEMPTIONS OF ANY FEES FOR THOSE THAT RECYCLE AND/OR ARE ON FIXED INCOMES– yet the PCSWA only permits two-methods in its MGDRs that generates money for itself – and the PCSWA unlawfully altered the State Law by inserting  EACH OWNER of a resident or business! 

The PCSWA then illegally hired a private-collections-attorney to sue approximately 600 Citizens in this county to date – all OWNERS on a Deed – with more cases pending, in direct VIOLATION OF STATE LAW – yet the county commission has FAILED to correct this egregious & corrupt racketeering! 

According to the State Laws, you DO NOT have to pay anything to the PCSWA if you do not bury anything in the open-dump-landfill, if you are on a ‘fixed-income’, use the ‘Free-Day’, or if you recycle and dispose of all solid waste in ‘an otherwise lawful manner’ such as SELLING all recyclable items!

That is why both Patti & Norman have pledged that once elected, at the very first county commission meeting in January 2015, they will Order-an-Audit of the PCSWA, Order an end to all PCSWA lawsuits against County Citizens, and ORDER ALL PCSWA JUDGMENTS to be  EXPUNGED FROM THE COUNTY RECORDS!

IF YOU are registered to vote as a Republican, you can vote for Norman Lee Alderman in the Primary Election on 13 May 2014 – or IF YOU are registered to vote as a Democrat, you can vote for Patti Heinemann in the primary election on 13 May 2014 – but if you are not registered to vote, then you must register to vote on or before 22 April 2014 – and if you are registered to vote, but with no party affiliation, then you can chose either a Republican or Democrat ballot on Primary Day!

Send comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier,
7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063
& Send all donations to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC),
c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063
Phone: 1.304.456.4565 or 3282 (also fax)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How a Flood At Deer Creek Could Cause the Meck Tank Farm to Affect People Downstream--1914

The Historical Underpinnings of the Problem of Raw Sewage in Pocahontas.

Greenbrier River
At Hinton, New River receives an enormous amount of pollution from Greenbrier
River, an important tributary, on which the conditions are very unfortunate. It is one of
the most beautiful streams in the State, the water almost always being very clear, but it is
poisoned at its very source by privy contamination.

Durbin, W. Va.—Above Durbin, on the headwaters of the stream, there are a great many
sawmills. Sanitation in these mill camps consists in building the privies directly over the
river and in throwing all waste and refuse either into the stream or on the ground near bv.
sr> that they can be washed into the water. At Durbin fecal pollution is nauseatingly
abundant on the banks. The railroad privy is so located as to discharge into the river, and
a number of the houses drain almost directly into a small run that enters the river at this
point. More heedless contamination of a pure and beautiful river could hardly he
imagined. Tb field assay (p. 95) shows a water of almost perfect purity, its high color
being the only objectionable feature. The water of the 84-foot well at this pla«> is of fair
quality, not too hard for laundry use.

Marlinton, W. Va.—Between Durhin und Marlinton the contamination from mill camps
is as bad as above Durbin. Marlinton, the largest hamlet in this section, is a pretty ami
rapidly growing lumber town of about 500 population.It has no public water supply.
Green brier River at this point shows an increase in hardness, but is still a very soft water.
The pollution at Marlinton from outhouses is considerable. The quasi public supply is
piped into the railroad tank, and thence into a few buildings, from Knapp Creek, a little
trout stream, comparatively clean and pure. The field assay shows the Knapp Creek water
to be of excellent quality for any purpose. Still better is the water of the large spring that
is piped to two banks and a boarding house in the town. There is practically no mineral
impurity in this water except the iron. The high color is probably due to the nature of the
drainage. It is the best supply in this section.

Ronceverte, W. Va.—Between Marlinton and Ronceverte (population about 1,000)
there is a scanty population and but little drainage from houses. It is unfortunate,
however, that at almost every place where there is a house a privy either overhangs the
stream or stands close to it. The Ronceverte water supply is pumped directly from
Greenbrier River into a reservoir, whence it flows by gravity into the mains, it is used
unpurified for all purposes, and the townspeople regard it as pure water, because there are
no houses directly above the intake. In the light of the above discussion of Allegheny and
Monongahela rivers it is plain that self-purification in this stream is a negligible factor.
While by no means an unusually rapid stream, it is too small for navigation, and its
occasional pools are separated by numerous stretches of swift water. It is so grossly
polluted from its very source to a point a mile or two above the pumping station as to
leave no doubt of its unhealthfulness when used raw as a public supply. Ronceverte is not
sewered, and its drainage and that of the railroad shops at this point form an important
contribution to the river.


The seceretary received from His Excellency, Governor Hatfield, the following letter
with an inclosure from Mr. C. E. Beman, of Ron- ceverte:

Charleston, "W. Va., June 5, 1914. Dear Dr. Jepson: —

Please note the enclosed letter. I will be very glad if you will communicate with Mr.
Beman and also investigate the conditions of tke water supply at Ronceverte, either
through your nearest member of the State Board of Health or yourself direct if you find
the time.
Very truly yours,

Mr. Beman's letter set forth that "there is one tannery at Marlinton and one at Durbin.
Here at Ronceverte, where we get our water supply from the river, the water is so sour it
is almost impossible to drink it. The banks are lined with dead fish from here to Durbin."
It is a matter of record that the State Board of Health had this subject under consideration
some years ago, and it was made the subject of a hearing on indictment in the circuit
court. The result of the trial was, that the tannery company at Marlinton was required to
construct settling ponds which it was supposed would remedy the offenses complained
of. The secretary has received from the assistant attorney general the oral opinion that the
State Board of Health under the law does not have sufficient authority to effect a remedy
of the conditions complained of. In view of this fact the secretary wrote a letter to the
Governor from which the following quotation is made; "During my last visit in
Charleston I had a consultation on this subject with Mr. Lively of the attorney general's
office, and he gave the opinion that the State Board of Health has not sufficient authority
to control the matter. This being the case, a visit by me or any member of the board to
Ronceverte seems unnecessary, since no good can be accomplished by it. I find, since
becoming secretary of the board, that we need much more authority than is now given to
us under the law. I have been summoned to different points on complaint of local
nuisances that should be abated by the local county or municipal authorities, and a careful
search through the law fails to discover authority whereby we may step in and compel an
abatement of such nuisances. There should be such authority."
The secretary has received communications from Cameron, Beckley, Holliday's Cove,
Keyser, Logan, Spencer, Cass and other points in the state. The complaints being
essentially the same, namely; the emptying of sewage into small local streams which
become almost dry in the summer constituting nuisances. The secretary has uniformly
attempted by correspondence to have such defects remedied, but generally he finds it
impossible to do so on account of the limited powers of the board, and because, in some
cases, nothing short of an extensive sewerage system involving the locality in a large
expenditure would be sufficient to bring about the desired change. Many complaints of a
less serious nature reach us, which refer to nuisances of a character that can and should
be removed by local, county or municipal authority. This suggestion the secretary has
repeatedly made in answer to letters received by him. As an example of nuisances of this
kind, may be cited the fact that the secretary made a special visit to Clarksburg in answer
to a complaint made of a local nuisance, which consisted of an offensive pond of sewage
caused by the projection of several sewers from private houses into a low piece ot ground
from which there was no drainage. Within ten feet of the end of these drain pipes was a
large sewer with which connection might have been made at trifling cost. The mayor of
the city was interviewed, the remedy pointed out, and His Honor gave promise that an
order would be immediately issued for the abatement of the nuisance. We have
information that the desired change has been effected.

Campaign Platform

25 January 2014, Vol.1, No.1 > Opening Shots of 2014 Campaign

 (Part of The Crier Coalition of Internet News Services)

Greetings Voter…

For the First Time in YOUR LIFETIME – YOU – have a chance to make History here in POCAHONTAS COUNTY!  YOU – CAN ELECT TWO RIGHTEOUS PERSONS TO THE COUNTY COMMISSION IN THE SAME ELECTION YOUcan restore the Government of this County back once again to  ‘WE THE PEOPLE’!

For the first time in memory, two (2) persons are running for County Commission with the same proposals, the same agenda, the same promises, the same program to restore an HONEST GOVERNMENT TO POCAHONTAS COUNTY – and PUT YOU – THE CITIZEN-TAXPAYER FIRST!  For far too long those in public office within this county have served themselves first & foremost instead of the property-owners & taxpayers of this county!  Look at all the promises made in the past about ‘jobs, Jobs, JOBS’ – well, where are all those jobs? 
  • Former State Senator Walt Helmick – he got one for himself, didn’t he?
  • And former County Commissioner Rita Griffith – she got one with Frontier Communications, didn’t she?  And she left us with Frontier’s monopoly over our county communication service, i.e., telephone, SLOW Internet services, yet monthly service charges that are TWICE what is  being charged in other counties!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • And how about the so-called ‘Greenbrier Valley Economic Development Corporation’ (GVEDC) a private-organization that is stealing about a quarter-million-dollars from this county EVERY YEAR while the current county commissioners grovel & kiss its feet!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • Hey!  Would YOU like to have free-acres of PUBLIC LAND given to you so that you don’t have to pay any property taxes for the seven or more businesses that YOU operate?  Ask Jacob Meck how he got FREE-PUBLIC LAND from the GVEDC & the current county commissioners – AT YOUR EXPENSE!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • And while you are at it, ask Jacob Meck why he wants to put RAW HUMAN SEWAGE from SNOWSHOE & SILVER CREEK – IN SIX-OPEN PITS right across the road from the Green Bank Senior Citizen Center & new Medical Clinic!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • Oh yeah!  Would YOU like to get Free-Public-Land like Jacob Meck, pay only $150.00 per/month rent for ’99 YEARS’ – and have that rent go towards the purchase price to own in 25 years – with no interest/usury?  Well, ask Phil Cain & the GVEDC if they will give YOU the same deal they gave Meck so YOU can buy yourself a home, farm or business – like Meck, and he doesn’t even vote!  It ain’t right, is it?
  • How about the Pocahontas County Solid Waste Authority (PCSWA)?  Why is it that Ed Riley has been in total control of all PCSWA-funds – currently about $2.5 Million – for a quarter-of-a-century without any published Budget, Audit, or Statements – when those public-funds are supposed to be under the control of the County Sheriff, the Ex-Officio Treasurer of the County – who is supposed to report those funds every month to the county commission?  It ain’t right, is it?

This is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ folks of the dirty-deals & schemes made behind your back by the current county commissioners – and their collective failure to mange this county!  So let’s STOP re-electing these same Miscreantslet’s elect TWO GOOD PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME – that way YOU, Patti & Norman can make the difference this Election Year!  YOU can vote for TWO NEW COMMISSIONERS in both the Northern & Southern Districts – to serve YOU – first & foremost for a real change:

NORTHERN:  Patti Heinemann (Green Bank), DEMOCRAT: Bachelor of Science in Communications, Masters Degree in Public Administration; wife for 45 years, 10 children, 7 boys & 3 girls, (raised in Pocahontas County, all college educated & equivalent) + 25 grandchildren; a good seamstress & knitter; a lifelong activist for Social Justice; 25 years in public-relations & church affairs; a CHRISTIAN, MORAL & RIGHTEOUS PERSON believing in ‘People Helping People’ & living it everyday of her life!

SOUTHERN: Norman Lee Alderman (Beaver Creek), REPUBLICAN: Bachelor of Arts, retired Teacher, retired IT Specialist with Board of Education, former County Commissioner; active minister of Cummings Creek Victory Chapel; editor of The Pocahontas Commentator, an Internet News Service; a lifelong community activist always striving for Social Justice; a CHRISTIAN, MORAL & RIGHTEOUS PERSON believing in ‘People Helping People’ – and always working for Liberty & Social Justice for Everyone!

Put aside all the rumors & innuendos!  Put aside all the lies & falsehoods!  Don’t pre-judge until you know the Facts!  Look at what has been done to help others without care or concern for themselves!  Norman Alderman & Patti Heinemann as two New Commissioners can in their first month of office – that’s January 2015 – require every government agency in this county to become accountable for the first time in our lifetime!  A FRESH START!  With two of three votes on the New County Commission, here’s what they can do:
·        Organize a new Pocahontas County Development Authority & stop the GVEDC from stealing our county land & county funds!
·        Require the PCSWA to establish local rules in compliance with State Law – including exemption from solid-waste-fees for senior citizens, folks that recycle, and for folks that dispose of their solid-waste in ALL the legal methods allowable by Law!
·        Require an Audit & Certified Budget from every government agency in this county!
·        Establish a program to use the public land in Green Bank for a –Historic-public-park to attract tourists to a reconstructed Fort Warrick & Native American Burial Ground, with a boardwalk pathway through the seasonal-wetlands just as in Cranberry Glades!
·        Let you the Citizen-Taxpayer-Voter decide which county organizations should be funded with YOUR TAX-DOLLARS, if any, and the amount to which they should receive any public-funds via a public ‘cost-to-ratio-benefit’!
·        Establish public-works projects that hire local Citizens for local projects that benefit everyone – and not just a few private groups!
·        Establish an honest-county-government in which every public servant knows their respective duties & responsibilities that works towards the pubic interest instead of personal gain!   

These Ideas are just the beginning of what a NEW ERA in local government can do by those already trained in public-administration & public-relations, such as Patti, and one who has already worked within public-administration such as Norman.  There is one thing that some folks receiving government-paychecks don’t seem to realize yet – and that’s that all the money they receive comes from the same pot as those on fixed-incomes, unemployment, and whatever else it’s just that those working for the government get more money in their checks!  So, since we are all in this together – LET’S WORK TOGETHER & show Respect where Respect is due!  

Register to Vote by 22 April 2014 & VOTE FOR A NEW COUNTY COMMISSION & GOVERNMENT ON 13 MAY 2014!

Thank you for your consideration….Norman Lee Alderman (Southern) & Patti Heinemann (Northern), Candidates for Pocahontas County Commission

Send comments & suggestions to: The Pocahontas Crier,
7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063
& Send all donations to: The United Campaign for County Commission (UCCC),
c/o Citizens for Common Sense Alternatives (CCSA), a registered Political Action Committee, 7837 Wesley Chapel Road, Green Bank, West Virginia 24944-9063

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Hillbilly Holler
Hillbilly Scraps
Hillsboro 1953
Hillsboro from Droop
Hillsboro Reunion
Hillsboro Reunion_1
History of Dunmore Community Center in Pics
History of Greenbrier County
History of Greenbrier County 2
History of Pendleton County 1
History of Pendleton County 2
History of Pocahontas County Part I
History of Pocahontas County Part II
History of Pocahontas County Part IIIa
History of Pocahontas County Part IIIb
History of Pocahontas County Part IIIc
History of Pocahontas County Part IIId
History of Pocahontas County Part IIIe
History of Pocahontas County Part IIIf
History of Pocahontas County Part IV
History of Pocahontas County Part V
History of Rockingham County 1
History of Rockingham County 2
History of Rockingham County 3
History of Tucker 1
History of Tucker 2
Hog Killing
Hog Killing
How Did Appalachia Get Thataway!
How to Make Your Own Drinkin Likker
Howes County Histories 800px
Huntersville Days
Huntersville Jail
Jail 1024ht
Johnnie Hill
Jones Reunion
Latest Magic Scans
Living in the Quiet Zone 1200b
Lockridge Graham
Maggie and Sherman
Marlintonian 1943
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MHS Honor Society
MHS School Handbook
MHS Select
Mis Senior Magazines
Misc HHS
MMS 1992
Monday at the Library
Monterey 1930
Moore is Dead
Motion to Strike
My Dad and the Tithers
Nancy Hanks
Natural Settilngs in Pocahontas County B
Natural Setting Part II
Natural Setting Part III
Natural Settings
Natural Settings in Pocahonas County C
Natural Settings in Pocahontas
Natural Settings IV
Natural Settings of Pocahontas 1
Natural Settings of Pocahontas County
Natural Settings of Pocahontas County D
Natural Settings V
Natural Settings VI
Natural Settings VII
Naturalization Index
Naturalization Main File
Nobody's Listening
Oak Grove Church History
Oak Grove Cookbook 1
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Oak Grove Presbyterian Celebrates
Oak Grove Presbyterians
Officers & Enlisted
Parking the Country Store
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PCHS Homecoming 1974
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PCHS Sports Program
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Pendleton News
Pendleton News 1921 and 1922
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Pendleton Times 1923 and 1924
Personnel 2012-13 Plus Current WT
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PetitionerAppellant Appendix
PetitionerAppellant Brief
PetitionerAppellant Brief B
PetitionerAppellant Reply Brief
Pioneer Days
Pocahontas County Map
Pocahontas County Map 5000
Pocahontas County Map 6000 pix
Pocahontas Geological Survey A
Pocahontas Geological Survey B
Poker Run
Polk Greens
Poor Farm 3200ht
Pop Shots of Pocahontas HT
Power of the Press
Power of the Press
Principals at Greenbank
PT 1892-93 html
PT 1896 3200 html
PT 3200 full
ptsx 3200
Red Devil 1951
Red Devil 1954
Reddevils 1965
River Race 1
River Race 1
River Race 2
River Race 2
River Race 3
River Race 3
River Race 4
River Race 5
River Race 6
River Race 7
Roster of Civil War Soldiers from Pocahontas
S PCHS Senior Magazine 95
School Maps
School Maps Large
School Memories
School's Back
Schools in Pocahontas County Map
Schools in the 1800's
Schools of Old
Schools of Pocahontas in 1929
Scrapbooks 1
Selections From an Old Scrapbook
Seneca 1926
Senior Luncheon 92
Senior Mag 1992
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Senior Magazine 1989
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Senior Magazine 1997
Seniors of 2007
Sharp's Country Store
Smoke Signal 1982
Soccer Five
Soccer Four
Soccer One
Soccer Six
Soccer Three
Soccer Two
Soldiers' Discharge
Solid Waste 1200 html
Some PCHS Class Reunion
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Spring on Droop Mountain
Summary Response
Summersville Track AH
Summersville Track B
Summersville Track D
Tale of the Elk
Teacher's Institute
Teaching in One Room Schools
The Art of Crooking at the Polls
The Art of Crooking at the Polls
The Burning of the Old Depot
The Case of the Deceased Hog
The Cranberry Story
The Echo 1923
The Echo 1924
The Echo 1925
The Gold Star Soldiers 1024ht
The J Files
The Lady, the Teeth, and the Drunk
The Man Who Cussed All the Time
The Mirror 1922
The Morrison Family
The News From 1910 3200 htmlb
The Philippi Mummies
The Richwood Panther Hoax
The Richwood Panther Hoax
The Sexual Behavior of the Richwood Female
The Wallace Family
They Rode the Glory Road
Times 1901-02 3200
Two Lost Ladies
Underwood is Dead
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Votin and Totin
War Chronicles of Cal Price 2800
Warrior Football
Watoga Single
What to Do Until Your Commodities Get Here
What to Do Until Your Commodities Get Here
White Pine Reunion
Woodland Trail 1940
WV High Sch.Bask. Ball Tourn. 1951
WV Hillbilly Base A
WV Hillbilly Base B
WV Hillbilly Base C
WV History Pages from the WV Hillbilly
xRed Devil 1951
xSherry Johnson Cass
Zendik Festival

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