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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Your Attention Please!!!!

Over the last few years I have maintained two and  They are somewhat redundant but the latter site which I am closing,, has become a financial burden to me which has caused me to abandon it.  I have decided not to renew it this year to conserve my resources and focus on my other website.

This means that may soon disappear from the Internet.  It contains dozens of yearbooks and scores of historical links to articles and pics.  

If you wish to download anything off you are welcome to do so at no cost nor charge.  Some links have already degenerated over time and I cannot afford to maintain them any longer.  If you are interested in preserving this material you may simply "save as" any page which you can link to.

Have fun and please do so immediately.  As of this day my website is subject to disappearing so act quickly to save what you will. 

Cut and paste the following in IP address.


  1. good riddance,one more to go!

    1. you mean the Pocahontas times of course that damnable rag


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