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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


arbowail has left a new comment on your post "The BFD Deed": 

breaking news the board at b.f.d didn`t even know that varner was buying the building ....with out the boards approval this deal is null and void the money should be returned and buster should at the very least should be removed from any leadership rolls at bfd ....this was handled by buster and his wife who is the treasurer it is thought that the red rush on the deal was because murphy`s auto body was going to buy the property .....john simmons and janet ghigo didn`t know about the deal until after it was done,oh yeah sounds like mrs. buster should also resign 


  1. guess who busterMay 4, 2017 at 9:04 AM

    how about the story going around in durbin that a new piece of equipment was recently purchased brang new but it ws decided that it didn`t have the right bumper and needed some different lights on top so varner automotive put the new stuff on and put a bill in for $11,000 and of course mrs.buster cut the check pronto ....or how about the new ambulance that was purchased way down south in Georgia or south carolina so varner went down and picked it up with his new roll back billed the bfd $5,000 for that service ...not the first time that he has done this...I always thought that ambulances had engines and fuel and that you could drive them home to west Virginia on it`s own power or is it that buster has an engine for it to be installed at a later date. I stupidly thought that these things had to be put out for bid as a public entity and the job goes to the lowest bidder....or how about the story going around that since the new ambulance is on line and cass volunteer s is being blocked from going to many calls bfd is the company that shows up all the time no matter how long it takes to turn out guess who`s roll back wreaker gets to haul the cars away????? give up ....did you guess correctly ......100 points if you guessed varner roll back wreaker service light of these stories it is hard to understand why we need a fire fee stuck on to our taxes ..... remember not long ago when buster was quoted in the paper with tear full tales of how much new turn out gear costs $2,000 each and that they are only good for so long ....wonder how many of those could be bought for $190,000 the price of sheets garage ????or even the combined $16,000 for the above mentioned items ... oh yeah almost forgot to date murphys wreaker service for 2017 has only had one call for a wreak all the rest ....yup you guessed it varner wreaker roll back service CLEANED up the rest and I stress CLEANED UP .....ANY JUDGE WOULD TELL YOU THAT ALL PUBLIC ENTITIES WHO RECIEVE PUBLIC FUNDS SHALL ALWAYS AT ALL TIMES BE ABOVE REPROCH AND THERE SHALL BE NO OR APPEAR TO BE ABOVE ANY IMPROPIETIES plain and simple.... I wonder that if 10 people called the fbi hot line and asked to have the books look at and to investigate these things if this would pass the scratch and sniff test ...dumb old me would think that in this day and age B.F.D. and varner l.l.c. enterprises would never cross each other paths, I thought that's how volunteerism works you are doing it for the good of your heart not for the good of your pocket book !!!!hey and what about dennis egan as assistant fire chief as a good catholic boy how did he let any of this fly????or is it like Schultz on hogan`s heroes "I SEE NOTHING"...sounds like it is time for a major house cleaning is long over due at bfd or as it is called in durbin (busters fire department )or for that matter durbin is referred to as buster town .....

  2. Sorry to be off topic but i'm hoping to hear an update on Mr. Kelly ? Is he O.K ? Has he been to court ? Is he safe ? I would also want to help the poor dear man. Is there any place i can send donations to help him ? Thank you for any info and help.

  3. guess who busterMay 13, 2017 at 6:56 PM

    here is how the sheets garage deal occurred the estate of Alfred ervine wanted $290,000 for the old dealership the murphy`s put in an offer for $250,000 .... when buster heard about the offer well he couldn`t see murphy getten ahead so he went down to his buddies in Charleston and put a deal in for $190,000 and since it was going to a non profit the heirs to the estate get a $100,000 dollar tax break on the inheritance .... the talk about town is that the three nephews are each going to receive $600,000 each plus other goodies ....that just ain`t enough so they get a tax break on top of it ... so because buster wants to kill any competition to varner L.L.C he gets B.F.D. TO PONY UP $190,000 on a fire house that the board didn```t approve or know about until the deal is done and the county didn`t need and of course another piece of property is off the tax rolls forever and no wages or jobs will come from the former dealership ....even though the county schools are short $500,000 for this year alone not to worry we the tax payers get to make up for this lost revenue wonder when people are going to get tired of the greed that seems to permeate every deal in this county ..... by every appearance buster is morbidly obese(100 pounds over normal body weight) which most doctors will tell you gives him a life expectancy of five years .... I do not think he will be able to take any of his L.L.C`S with him do you?????? but hey at least bobby and Debbie get a tax break on uncle Alfred``s estate further proof that there is a god after all ... you know Alfred was a good guy who did a lot for the good of this county and you have to wonder what he would have to say on this rotten deal???? I hope people remember this the next time buster tells us that we need a $150.00 mandatory fire fee in the county and next year give your donation for fire coverage to cass volunteer fire company one donation gets you covered by all fire companies .... if we start to boycott varner L.L.C maybe he will get the message some daycuss this deal stinks to high heaven

  4. You might take a look in the Pocahontas Times and see what the asking price was in the real estate listings was before you write such nonsense.

    1. guess who busterMay 15, 2017 at 1:53 PM

      yeah talk to mike murphy ...the only nonsense is buster pushing himself on a town and on the county and he is just plain not liked and in many cases hated by many people just doesn`t pass the scratch and sniff test or the smile test


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