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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise: Anonymous reports bizaare incident at the Durbin Methodist Church:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "One Theory: How the Fire Depart deal went down!":

On 05/14/17 up on the hill at the durbin united Methodist church in buster town the B.F.D. fire chief got up in front of the assembled and told the faith full that he wanted to make a statement so he took the floor and said that everything that people are reading in norman aldermans blog about him and the stories about the new greenbank fire station at the old sheets G.M.C.dealership is a lie and nothing was under handed was done .....

So when he got done professing his innocence and that nothing untoward was done in this now infamous deal one of the church ladies got up and said she also had something to say....this lady much like buster has attended Durbin U.M.C. all of her life. 

She told buster that in her long life that when something is written in black and white like in the Pocahontas Commentator at least half of what is written is true ...well buster did not like hearing this and fumed and stomped out of church vowing not to return ....poor baby ....

All of this can be put to bed if the county prosecuting attorney would order an audit of this deal and the books of the buster fire department but as of yet simmons has demurred .... REMEMBER WHEN SIMMONS BEAT DONNA PRICE HE TOLD EVERYBODY ON HIS CAMPAIN POSTER THAT HE WAS THE CANDIDATE WITH THE CAJONES(Spanish for testicles)

So mr.simmons this case requires you to grow a set and order and demand an audit pronto(another Spanish term)... HARRY TRUMAN always said that if what they are saying about you ain`t true why then you have nothing to worry about but if it is true well then you are in a world of trouble .....buster should have sat down and started saying his prayers not taken his marbles and stomped out of church sure doesn`t look like lies and nonsense to people looks like a little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.....AMEN


  1. has anyone checked a flood plain map to see if the new greenbank fire station location is in the flood zone...bad enough this county can not get funding for marlinton elementary school yet alone have a fire house that could be flooded by the north fork of dear creek which is right behind this a flood situation a flooded fire house is of no value to a natural disaster is it and if it is in a flood zone you can not get any federal or state grants and that is not nonsense is it dennis ?????

  2. Shyster shyster and the other shyster here.
    Some people never know when its time to shut up and stop talking look at oj had he had a good shyster giving him
    advice they would of shoved a hand
    full of magic mushrooms in his mouth and poured half a litre of cheap rye whiskey on him and claimed he was intoxicated and not responsible for his actions.
    I suggest our boy buster try the Shyster defense next time instead of the hillary clinton defense of deny and blame others.

    Stomping ouy of church visibly mad, after arguing with the church lady won't cut the mustard.
    One might was well stand up in front of the congregation strip naked and sing boogie nights which you might have a shot at doing if you eat enough of the mushroooms but the church lady will forgive that but no one forgets it when you piss off the church lady and your sober and serious .
    I learned that from saturday night life or was it from a stripper in either case my point is made I think.

    Another public service message of little to no value totally intended to line the pockets of Shyster shyster and the other old shyster .
    And to entertain those with a restricted sense of humor.

    Give em hell buster Shyster shyster and the other old shyster are on your side like it or not.


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