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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Update on Farrell Kelly as of 5/17/2017


  1. Magistrate Kelly is simply an ass in this matter. Setting a bond at $2,000 for a petty indecent exposure crime? Really? Drunk drivers, thieves, domestica batterers, etc. have all got more lenient bond treatment. But God forbid someone pisses on county property. Lock 'em up. Cost the county more than what this crime (if true) is worth. What a total joke.

  2. rings on her toesMay 19, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    as for an open zipper it was winter time the guy is homeless he most likely had a couple of layers on maybe two or three pairs of pants on .... Kelly is a bimbo plain and simple ....what about sam felton why didn`t he intervene and stop this ...this poor guy is not a sexual predator ,he is not violent ,no threat ,just a little simple that's it carrie and you know it ...what is judge Richardson doing he must know these two bimbo magistrates are out of control and a train wreak

    1. Broce-Kelly has committed many incidences of profound Judicial misconduct in many matters. Both Broce-Kelly and Wilfong have also issued Warrants improperly, many without meeting the required elements or probable cause or evidence to cite any violations of code existed. They have not followed the rules and checks and balances of reviewing the requests for warrants prior to issuing them. There has also been "date fudging", heavy use of and "post alteration" of Warrants and other court documents, use of white-out tape, and altering and amending after the fact, and after signatures of formal public Court documents, and even contracts ie surity, ie bonds; then making poor xerox copies of them to hide those altering. All causing legal "spoliation or mutilation". This cause the document to be materially changed, and are then no longer legally valid, nor binding and having no force. Those documents become legally null and void as well as any action taken through or after them.

      Well documented this court had done this many times. Such are also clearly in evidence even in documents in the many Mr. Kelly cases. Made public and documented via those documents of the case records that have been published in this blog. There are many other cases that have these improper material changes that invalidates them.

      The entire Magistrate of Pocahontas County is in violation of WV Supreme court rules for procedure,rules and conduct. It is not a legal and valid Court. It is a fraudulent Court under the color of law. As well many actors in the County are guilty of US code 1983 violations against many people. They continually violate the Civil Rights of citizens intentionally, and some of it is to cover up their own crimes, corruption and grave misconduct. There is also strong evidence that the County has conspired in some court cases and "decided" what the Ruling, Judgment or Orders will be from a Magistrate or Judge PRIOR to the actual hearings or trials. This goes beyond Obstruction of Justice, this ties also into public service fraud, and corruption.

      If you review the counties case files you will see where the Magistrates violate WV code by allowing a criminal defendant's attorney to sign and enter personally into surety in debt, and to give and pay and enter into a bond on behalf of their clients. This is prohibited by WV code and procedure. They are violations of code done knowingly by both the involved Magistrate and the WV bar attorney.

      In many case files you will see that the Magistrate has predated legal forms, contracts in their own hand beside the place where it is only to be done by other parties to confirm when they are giving their legally binding signatures. Even though those other parties did not sign on that date, and did not I their hand affirm by writing the date themselves as to mark legally when they signed those legal documents. The date is part of all parties legal signature. This is for any and all parties, to include a prosecuting attorney giving a kind of oath that that is the date upon which they signed these legal documents. Yet those documents are not true, and are fraudulent to when they were signed by PA's, Magistrates, Attorneys, and even Defendants. These then are fraudulent and non binding documents as are false on their face and missing the vital required elements of each parties full legal signatures to include their own hand claiming upon what date they signed those documents. THAT is how far and broad the nullity of the Pocahontas County Courts are. And it is the entire Judicial District that is invalid and covers up for itself as a whole.

  3. Shyster and Shyster and the other old shyster here,
    how in the hell do to place a homeless man on home confinement.

    As a professional experienced shyster that's one we have never seen.

  4. Did he go to court yet ? Is he free and safe? Is he going to sue ?

  5. Re revocation of bond, done without a hearing, and done without involvement of his own attorney against Mr. Kelley. Odd, since there are very proven violent criminals out on the loose that seem to be being protected by the county. 1 criminal who has continually violated his bonds, committed 100's of fully documented and evidenced felony witness intimidations, obstruction of justice, blackmail, even written demands for perjury of witnesses, coercion, assaults, and battery of witnesses and victims of prior violent crimes by the convicted criminal. To include larcenies, tampering with crime scenes, theft and destruction of evidence of crimes, all fully reported to PA's office and both local law enforcement to which nothing has been done at all. Many more serious crimes, all fully reported, witnessed, and most audio recorded, to include graphic threats against their lives, even threats against certain public officials and even officers of the court not friendly towards these criminals, other crimes including blackmail, unlawful imprisonments, larcenies, trespassing, violation of Protective Orders, MANY shootings, including home invasions, etc. Even audio recordings, and writtings provided to the PA's and LEOs of the criminals admissions and bragging of these crimes, to include stating they are being protected by certain “actors”, within the County gov, a Magistrate, and law enforcement who “support us”. A convicted criminal who has himself and had others of his violent criminal gang commit MANY felonies and misdemeanors in violation of those bonds who are still on the loose. The County and Judicial district can't seem to be motivated to revoke the bonds. Yet clearly knew it would have stopped the commission of so many other crimes, and the almost 2 years of continual harm, abuses, even deaths of “protected” States witnesses. Why?

    All while they protect the criminals, all to cover their own asses since THEY have great liabilities in all these matters and crimes, and even admitted to. While the Magistrates, and Prosecuting attorneys claim they don't know how to revoke bonds, or remand to jail a violent criminal for the sentence the criminal was already sentence to and was supposed to be in jail to serve but has not in over a year. Yet there are witnesses, including officers of the Court, and audio recordings of Prosecuting Attorneys, both County and State LEOs claiming and promising in meetings long ago that they would revoke the bonds and file additional charges, and protect the witnesses. NONE of which has ever been done. Why?


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