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Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Big Win for Pocahontas


  1. A big loss for Pocahontas.

    1. read the list, we're not on it!

    2. I know that we are not on the list to be granted national monument status. That is why it is such a loss.

    3. wasn't replying to you, just the beaver creek boob!

  2. I just don`t get it the land the birth place of rivers would be on is all federal land and if designated a monument it might affect a hand full of bear hunters and even that is not certain .... this county is nearly 900 square miles almost all of it national forest sounds like that is plenty of land to hunt ...the land that orange hitler wants to remove from the monuments program is sacred to the native people that was stolen from them in the first place ....the reason the western republican law makers want it taken out of the program is so that it can be raped for oil ,gas and minerals that are on the land ....he is only playing to the racist element that has raised it`s ugly head once again in this nation .....we are fighting a stupid pipeline in this county that will be the width of a 4 lane highway and when it runs over mountain ranges a mountain top removal will be used to run it`s path ....the birth place of rivers can bring travelers here as it does in other states and they will spend money ...the only thing west Virginia has to lose anymore is children and grand children as they leave for jobs and a lively hood some where else no win .....sometime I wish someone can point out to me what shelly moore capito has done for seniors ,vets and our children ...where are the jobs and the robust economy we were promised .... besides nullification what do they have to offer???/besides bear hunting with dogs is just plain cruel to the dogs and the bears and is against the law in most states because it is poor sportsmanship

  3. U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell has stated that there would be no change in hunting and fishing. Some Chicken Littles have been saying that the sky is falling and that there would be no fishing in the national monument. Pocahontas must rely on its beauty because brains are in short supply.


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