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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Re: The Combs Case


  1. Case has been dismissed and Plaintiff terminated from her position at 911. All accusations were false.

  2. As what had been said from the begining she lied t0 the County on about what went on and the County belived her over all the others. Dont you think the county need to tell shawn that they were wrong and forced him to quit because they belived the lies of her even with all the history that she had. So does this mean the rumor is true that She and the old 911 director was useing lies so that she could get him back in the office so she could do what she wanted? Anyone with a nose knew this smelled from the get go.

  3. let me guess Sammy hummel isn`t a turd ???? sure sounds like the case is being moved forward to my ears ....since when is demands for oral sex in the work place nothing to get flustered about ??? just think we are paying to defend this creep ,,,why is he even on the payroll he should be sent packing back to California and crawl back under the rock chief run a muck found him under after totten this joke for a cop was brought here and set loose ..

  4. the counties defense is the same one used in everyone of these cases ...the woman lied and she led the guy on .....did anyone one look into Sammy`s private life ,left his wife and kid for another woman and that women is having his baby .....besides the fact that he is and looks like a slubb .... chief run a muck dug him up and made him a sargent over the heads of other deputies who were in line for promotion because he was it was said at the time by runny muck that he was an expert in the "san Salvadorian and hells angels drug cartels".... I think the real reason was that chief run a muck knew that hummel was cut from the same cut of cloth as brad totten and he knew that he could control hummel as a dutiful minion ....sheriff barlow get rid of this guy we don`t need him in this county ....did anyone ever run into any hells angels or for that matter san salvo adorian `s ever ,even at the road kill cook off ????

  5. by the by the case has not been dropped in fact a court date is set for January 2018 and if crocked gene ain`t asleep at the switch or for that matter at his desk they will settle out of court before this county and it`s tax payers piss any more money down this rat hole ... might be time to start yelling lock him up ....wonder what the totten case cost us....this law firm wouldn`t have taken this case if it was a loser


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