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Friday, May 19, 2017

We Have a Theory About the Fire House Deal

The Greenbank Firehouse Deal may go deeper than we originally supposed and it may have little or nothing to do with fires.

It may have everything to do with the wrecker business!

You say that is bizarre but consider that the wrecker business is big money for people who have a wrecker.  Now we won't name names but there are two wrecker businesses in the upper end and they are fiercely competitive. 

If one person can get to a car wreck first they just might get to tow a vehicle.  What better way to get the business that to be involved with the fire department.  You have a scanner and are connected to 911.

But more so what if wrecker business had a leading role in a fire company.  It would behoove them to ensure that the competitor's wrecker business didn't get any business.  This may well be the case in the upper end of Pocahontas County.

When the GMS dealership went out of business, the franchise was sold to an outside business which didn't intend to put a dealership back, most likely to ensure that a competitor wouldn't start a franchise back up.  And it worked!

What if wrecker business #1 figured that wrecker business #2 might just buy the dealership property and thereby move their wrecker business farther from Durbin and closer to Greenbank?  

How do you stop that?  Easy enough!  You have the fire department you volunteer for to buy the dealership property.  This will keep wrecker #2 from buying the property and setting up a competing business in a different location. 

For purposes of discussion,  let's say that the dealership owner is asking $290,000 and wrecker #2 offers to pay $250,000 for the property.  Wrecker business #1 finds a way to "buy" the dealership property but uses the fire department at Durbin to actually purchase the property.
Since the fire department is a nonprofit entity the fire department can provide a $100,000 tax credit to the owners.  This brings the actual price down to $190,000.  That means that the owners get the equivalent of a $290,000 payment (includes tax break) 

 The Durbin fire department buys the dealership for $190,000.  Wrecker business #2 loses its offer of $250,000 and Wrecker business #1 which is connected to the Durbin fire department gets control of the property which precludes Wrecker business #2 from buying the property.  

Now remember that we think the goal is to prevent Wrecker business #2 from competing with Wrecker Business #1.



  1. balls like a brass monkeyMay 20, 2017 at 9:32 AM

    and then has the balls to go to church on mothers day and cry about his rough treatment in the Pocahontas commentator that guy has to be the mother of all liars hence he picked mothers day to lie in front of god and the trapped congregation who had to suffer the indignation of listing to such lies except one of the women called him out on it....good for her and that ain`t no nonsense!!!

  2. balls like a brass monkeyMay 20, 2017 at 10:38 AM

    hey and what about wreaker # one blocking the cass fire house volunteers so that they get cut out of ambulance runs which have become very lucrative as of late....wreaker # 1 watched cass build a simple two vehicle sub station which he got shut down ( it did not cost $190.000 either)while he knew the whole time that he was cooking this shady deal to buy the former sheets garage and block cass from using that building and then call in his marker from Charleston (assistant state fire marshal) to put this one over.....oh and by the way keep your eye on the former grimes fire wood plant right next to the sheets garage in greenbank because the school of thought is that wreaker # 1 has designs on it too ...wait wait wreaker # 1 has also bought 6 1/2 acres from alfreds estate so he can cobble together a mobile home park with his FEMA trailers so he can have cheap source of labor for his new fire wood plant ...not jobs with a living wage with benefits for our kids as they enter the work force ... one would think that arbovale has enough dirty run down trailer parks filled with felons ,registered sex offenders ,meth cookers , jail birds on house arrest ,and just your standard run of the mill low life losers with no jobs who don`t take care of their kids.... no three trailer parks in arbovale run by slum lords ain`t enough we get another one by corpulent greedy wreaker # 1 .....if the readers do not believe that these trailer parks ( housing projects) are what I say well then treat yourself and take a spin through them one on Hannah run road ,one on buffalo mountain road ,one next to trents store ,and for god sakes don`t miss wreaker # 1 `s mess at the end of sunny durbin ( its other name buster town) such a beautiful collection of former FEMA mobile homes you have never seen the boys who are piled in them pay $ 100.00 each to live there .....I stress piled because they are over crowded men sleep in the kitchens ,bathrooms hallways ,and what should be the living rooms ....the wood hicks a hundred years ago who lived in lumber camps and cut timber for the logging companies had it better .... I sure hope that the durbin UMC church has a heavy duty lightning rod on its roof cuzz they are going to need it for sure if wreaker # 1 is still going to attend there maybe they should read out loud the sermon on the mount for wreaker # 1 sometime soon

    1. It is a violation of Federal, HUD, CDC, and EPA code and regulations for former FEMA trailers to be used as a primary human domiciles and residences due to them being toxic, harmful to life, and proven health hazards. Section 8 and HUD funds are not to be used to pay for rent for tenants in FEMA trailers. As they can non legally be dwellings/homes. The ads for the resale of them are pull/deleted from public and internet publication ads if they do not state the required mandatory health warnings, notifications and prohibitions of use, and state they can not be used as full time primary residences, nor as places of prolonged exposure or cooking or eating in them. All of the FEMA trailers must at all times be posted with warnings (like those do not remove tags on mattresses or it is a violation of federal law). The warning stickers/labels cite things such as "each unit will bear a sticker warning that it is for occasional use only, not residential use". The theory is that limited, episodic exposure to the formaldehyde, and other toxins -- as would be experienced by someone who used a trailer as a storage container, say, or as a seasonal hunting lodge -- is safer than continuous exposure from living, eating and sleeping inside. The warnings from CDC state to not cook, eat or sleep in those trailers. That human exposure to them should be limited and not done by children or elderly or those with fragile, weak or vulnerable immune systems or health. The Federal Government in 2008 was required to vacate and move all resident OUT of all FEMA trailers. Federal Gov public statement citing the CDC findings stated "All current residents are to move out and find safer housing as soon as possible!". Trailers were then mass sold to the public at low cost to re-sellers who were to ensure they were NOT to be used as homes, domiciles, or primary residences, and that people were not to eat or cook in them. National Academy of Sciences issued reports stating they were unsafe. US Dept. of Labor and OSHA cite warnings and issues with them being used in places of employment/work as storage and/or office facilities also.

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    As a seasoned professional shyster I can tell you there a shyster in the woodwork here.
    After all poke a hoe has a long history of professional and amateur shysters screwing the citizens for decades.

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