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Monday, May 15, 2017

Seebert Souvenir Emporium


  1. better then the junk at the cass company store at the cass senic rail road

  2. oh oh been hearing that two of the lard asses in P,S,D, have been told to go on a diet cause they are just to damn fat and they need to start working out so they can pass a physical fitness test .....I guess one of them with more then 26 years experience of eating donuts has caught up with him and the other big shot has just gotten to damn big that even if he takes his diamonds off it will not be enough poor dave !!!!you know with the combined years of service these two sumo wrestlers have I think the people of this great county should chip together and get these two heavy weights both memberships in weight watchers or how about jenny craig

  3. They have a great business, but missing 2 things. Indoor seating and friendliness. With those 2 improvements, they would be golden.


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