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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bad Lawyers


  1. anybody need a good laugh ???? our former sheriff david r. jonese is going to be the key note speaker at the memorial service for the arbovale cemetery association at the arbovale united Methodist church over the memorial day weekend .... if anybody needs to serve him any papers for a law suit it would be a great time to have it done while he is at the podium....gee maybe he will regale the assembled with war stories about how he eradicated drugs and crime while he was our sheriff for eight years and of course how brad totten the greatest deputy in the world (his quote) committed 77 serial rapes while under his command and he didn``t know a damn thing about it ....

  2. Shister shister and the other shister here.
    Now our former sheriffs is qualified to talk to the dead .
    They cant vote or complain so he can say what ever he wants and the dead will not complain.
    He can defend his main man sir rotten and not one dead person will roll over in their grave.
    Its the perfect audience for former good Sheriff.
    Shister shister and the other shyster support david in talking to the dead
    We will use all of our legal knowledge and abilities to defend his right to talk to the dead.

    A public service message from Shyster Shyster and the other Shyster thank you.


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