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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Update on Farrell

Ferrell is still alive.  He says that he has been beaten pretty badly. 

His lawyer hasn't botherd to communicate with him for a couple weeks. 

She can't seem to come up with the video tape of the incident.  The cases are to be heard by a Greenbrier magistrate on May 23.

We'll be there!!!!


  1. instead of standing in the way how many people have told you to take this to the aclu but that suggestion offends your republican sense abilities .....broce Kelly is not afraid of you after all you endorsed her when she ran the first time ....homelessness and the treatment of those peoples plight are well documented throughout this country .....of course Kelly is a dumb shit know it all who does not have a clue what goes on outside of this county....she has morphed into Kathy beverage light and only by about 25 pounds or so ....she will not quit until she gets both of her boobies caught in the wringer and the aclu can do that keep on pushing Ferrell until he gets beat to death in jail .....hey then you can officiate at his burial.....or will that phony minister slash mayor sam felton get to do the honors perhaps he will be to tied up rehabilitating J.L. to plant Ferrell what a you think???

  2. Goodness if there is no tape then why is he in jail? This makes no sense. Someone needs to sue !

  3. Who is "she" ?

  4. If Farrell's "offense" is as bad as the authorities make it out to be, I would guess that Gene is prosecuting Farrell because he is jealous.

  5. You MUST contact ACLU. Once you have their ear as they will have to understand the background, THEN they can SEE and understand and go after this county, the PAs, the LEOS for violating many people civil rights. They have been made aware of violations here, and Broce-Kelly has been cited in several. The problem is they need MORE people with more stated violations to come forward for them to allocate budget to focus on us all here. There is PROOF Broce-Kelly had boasted, and conspired with the PA's office and county council, and their attorneys even in some, in other cases and DECIDED (conspired) knew how she was going to rule, PRIOR to court even going into session many times! Understand this! There are witnesses to all of this. The problem is the witnesses some of them are now or have been in the past on the County payroll, and all the corruption that goes on would still effect them unless this gets piked up by ACLU. The more time that goes by the move complacent to all these crimes by "officials" people get, or discouraged, get ignored and the more they hide evidence. There are also witnesses to hearing and seeing Simmons and McMillion conspire in many illegal matters and corruption in their cases.

  6. Funny the IGA can't come up with their fake tape. Guess Farrell should sue them and anyone else who made these false charges to just have him arrested. Farrell will come out pretty damn good on this. I would guess any where from $20k-$50k or maybe more. I pray he sues all of them for every dime they have and have the trouble makers who work there fired. Also sue them too. Farrell has God on his side. He is sure to win. It's time for the good people of our town to take it back.


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