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Monday, May 1, 2017

The BFD Deed


  1. breaking news the board at b.f.d didn`t even know that varner was buying the building ....with out the boards approval this deal is null and void the money should be returned and buster should at the very least should be removed from any leadership rolls at bfd ....this was handled by buster and his wife who is the treasurer it is thought that the red rush on the deal was because murphy`s auto body was going to buy the property .....john simmons and janet ghigo didn`t know about the deal until after it was done,oh yeah sounds like mrs. buster should also resign

  2. Just like with the stand down story this is completely wrong

    1. guess who busterMay 8, 2017 at 9:04 AM

      right on denny just like the stand down order no explanation or answers were ever given ....see you next year when the fire donations get sent out my money (and I donate every year)will go to cass fire company and not to the buster fire company . you only have to give money to one company to be should get out more denny because I ain`t the only one talking about this....people are getting real sick of this buster crap ...people have eyes and ears

    2. Sounds like some of you may need the services of shyster shyster and the other shyster to rectify your issues.
      Do not forget there is no law firm better to deal with when you think you may be up against a shyster as shyster and shyster and the other shyster know all the tricks of our fellow shysters.

      A non legally binding message from the fictional firm of Shyster and Shyster and the other Shyster of Pocahontas county and surrendering area.
      Issued for your amusement only and besides no other place will let us operate due to the nature of their competent legal Bengals but good old pokey can always use another group of Shysters.


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