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Friday, June 16, 2017

Something I forgot to mention

Even the judges got into the act:

1. One judge ordered that Farrell was a homeless person and then gave him-HOME CONFINEMENT.

2.  The other judge ordered him to see a psychiatrist when he asked for a magistrate recusal.

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  1. you know they have all tried to insinuate that Ferrell started the big fire in town but remember that on the scene was brian shinneberry the people came out through the alley to get out they met the deputy and he was standing there looking up at the fire watching it burn and the people asked if he turned it in he said no not yet ....his answer seems strange don`t it ??? I hope persecuting Ferrell unjustly just ain`t a big cover up

  2. Edit your story to name those Judges. That is public information. All things that happen in public proceedings and courts are to be transparent, able to be witnessed, reported on, and reviewed, and open to public inspection. Only way to stop Judicial abuse, law enforcement abuse, etc is to name them. Expose through using the public record as in all reporting and right to do so under 1st amendment.

    The incidences and public record and public reporting and testimony of those who have tried to expose all of this under their rights and have been abused, false arrested, had their evidence, and computers taken etc. that also need to be made very public. By getting it out there it prevents if from happening again to those same people and to others. What happened to many in those cases can be used to prevent more and put those bad actors on notice that truth and a bright light will be shown on them. Lets them see that it does not end here, that they will be not just exposed in these local blogs but gotten out to where it needs to. To media, advocacy groups, anti corruption organizations, and even WV ACLU (who have stated are very interested and need more people to send them information, and case file numbers, and where to pull records from law enforcement under what names, dates etc for their own investigations. They can file class action suits representing the citizens as a whole or other classes that have been victimized in these consistent violations of code, procedure, and civil rights)

    You need to also make your State and Federal political representative aware of all of this. Then log and keep track of when you did notify them of these things and send them information. As public official they then have a duty to look into it, and report it, and find solutions for their constituents. Don't forget to ask them when you can expect them do get back with you on these matters, and let then know you are logging the contacts just as they do, for you records and information purposes.

    There are many anti corruption and FOIA advocacy groups out there such as Judicial Watch
    , Glomar Disclosure, Mike Best, and MuckRock, etc. Contact and send some stuff to Judicial Watch and also send them to this blog. Though they will have to sort through pics of flowers and stuff to find the reliant posts. You can set it up to "tag" your posts in categories to make them easier to find and follow progression of certain matters.


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