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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Farrell is Competent to Stand Trial

Three shrinks later and over $1,000 in shrink fees.  Farrel has just cost the county another$700 in jail fees.  IS IT WORTH IT?


  1. In other words Kelly knows right from wrong. We all knew that but Norman turned a blind eye from it. He needs to go to jail. The man exposed himself to women and children.

  2. Notice there is continuing evidence that Eugene Simmons does not do any of the work for the JOB he is being paid to do. It was already pointed out in several places that people who work at the Courthouse have said he wanders the courthouse not knowing where he is or what he is supposed to do. Yet he being that far gone is driving on our roads to and from the courthouse and other places. That is endangering citizens lives. It is very well known publicly stated by people who work at or have business in, or other citizens that PA Eugene Simmon spends the majority of the work day while being paid and with benefits (and all the back deals) sleeping in the basement office marked "asst. prosecuting attorney". Those going in and coming out from that room would all be on security footage. That security footage is public record paid for with public funds. Those can be requested and reviewed.

    When Simmons is needed for something or other, someone has to go and wake him up, dust him off, and he goes to the washroom to try to get the sleep from his face and then gets assisted out to perform some minor task like a bad episode of "Weekend at Bernies".

    Why the heck is this being tolerated and let to continue. This county has a budget for and pays for a fully mentally competent, non corrupt, fully living Prosecuting attorney and all it is getting is a ZOMBIE. This is an elected office, there are rules for this and he needs to be removed. Don't you think cleaning up Pocahontas County might find a good start in a proper qualified PA? And NO McMillion is way far from the answer even as interim, he is part of the major problems here and he does it actively, conscious, and cognizant of it.

    So whats the full scoop on auxiliary Dreama Sharp?

    Is Dirty Diamond Dave Walton the new bailiff, as a form of exile to keep him out of the way of the new sheriff who we all know has never liked him, and with good reason?


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