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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Free School Building for Marlinton?

Why Not Pocahontas?????


  1. Pocahontas does NOT any new schools buildings!! The schools are in great shape. No tax dollars are needed here. Those dollars need to fund a good christian school in the area. Public schools will be our down fall they want nothing but unneeded handouts to fund their new cars and vacations.

    1. Don't forget about the useless teachers we have now. They don't teach anymore they are just there for the pay check and 3 months of vacation time. They always sending notes home needing money for this or that.

  2. So do you have any insight as to when the next flood will occur? FEMA only gives $ after a catastrophic event occurs and there are many regulations to follow. We haven't had such an event since 1996. So until then, FEMA ain't coughing up no money for Marlinton. And, FEMA offered once and it was turned down by the old guard. Think they will come back and offer again? Nope.


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