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Monday, June 5, 2017

Update on Ferrell

Just got a phone call from Farrel.  He is still in jail, and his lawyer has abandoned his case!

His lawyer told Farrell that there was nothing on the tape.  (we assume nothing incriminating) 

We are not surprised because we know the store cameras are not very high resolution and are unlikely to pick up the information needed to prosecute Ferrel.  But for some reason his lawyer would not let him see the video so he knows little about what was on the camera.

His public defender, Laura Padora, jumped ship without letting him have access to the video.  Farrel  reports that he was told that if he would stay out of Marlinton for a year that the charges would be dropped.  Josh Edwards  has the tape in hand but still hasn't let Farrell see the tape.

He now has public defender, Josh Edwards in Lewisburg.  We do not believe that Edwards will have his client's best interest in the matter--at least any more than his previous public defenders.

This writer believes that public defenders are actually working for the courts and not the client.

Farrell's first charge goes back to Oct. 2016 in which he was given a traffic ticket for peeing in an alley and charged with "indecent exposure" which if convicted he could face prison and be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.


HE STILL HASN'T HAD A TRIAL ON THAT EITHER!!!  Both the judges are aware of this mess but appear to be doing little to bring justice in the matter.

He is facing three other charges in the matter--none of which have yet gone to trial.  It appears that the goal is to keep Farrell out of Marlinton.  He is costing the county almost $50 per day. He has asked for a jury for his trials.  The last time he had a jury trial he was acquitted after costing the county $48,000 in incarceration fees.  He was kept in jail for 30 months without a trial.  His peeing case has been an embarrassment to the officer who gave him the ticket.

Farrell was allowed to remain free on the first three citations,  but was remanded to TVRJ on the fourth case and has been there for about a month.  Magistrate Wilfong has insisted that he remain in jail during this time.  She knows that Farrel has absolutely no money.  She put a $2,000 bond on him which he can't even come up with 10% and get out.  She also knows that he was beaten by the guards at TVRJ prior to his last release.  He has recently been given a beating by some of inmates.

Judge Richardson sent a letter written by this writer to him personally and told the administrator at TVRJ via a copy to watch out for Farrell.  FARREL IS IN GREAT DANGER!  He is a thorn in the flesh for any community--what must it be like to be in jail with Farrell.  We can't imagine!

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  1. Sometimes the Courts here also assign attorneys to Defendants since the Public defenders are so inept. Not just the process one goes through to get a Corporate Public Defender, but a favored local attorney, such as a coddled past clerk for Judge Rowe, who works with those in power. See here Such as Laura Finch. She is part of the "gossip girls" along with Broce-Kelly and Wilfong. (Maybe her largness Cynthia likes having her around because it makes her look svelt in comparison)

    The former publicly disgraced, and asked to resign a few months ago (officially on record as accepted at March MTC meeting) incompetent attorney for the Marlinton Town Council (MTC) Laura Finch. That will not be a solution or help either as she is too busy being the full time attorney of record for the federally recognized domestic terrorist organization, nazi National Alliance, and the other names and organizations they run and use. (That's public information from in court records too. Lots of recommended reading for local tax payers. They also don't pay all the taxes they are supposed to, but allowed to get away with it.) Finch is also defending it's supposed leader William White Williams from violent crimes he committed in this county. (do some searches on him and see he works with and appoints convicted pedophiles, and other criminals, and gun shooting nuts that work at the National Alliance) Recall when our county was embarrassed in all National news feeds because he was arrested 2 times in less than a week in Dec 2015.

    If you look at court records you will see Finch is also assisting this convicted violent criminal to sue and harass his victims in our courts with baseless lawsuits as part of his felony witness intimidation. So Laura Finch causing the fiasco with the County fire fee and the new proposed agreement without researching or being able to understand the laws and codes is not her only and last fiasco and pale notoriety. It is ongoing; and shameful how she works with and supports the nazi criminals.

    The county records also show the Eugene Simmons was also once a paid attorney for the National Alliance. The internet has some revelations about certain members of our local law enforcement working with them too.


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