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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Some Old History Re: ARC building

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  1. WOW! just WOW.. Rowes order was crap. So was his written BS about interpretation of those documents. It is clear they were deeded over to the county and the county had to maintain them for public use. Not resell stuff. If I will something and state it must be maintained to that entity and it must be for public use.. that is pretty clear. And these kept on being repeated. They are declaratory and state prohibition. Wow. Submit this to some law schools forum for some homework fun. You will get lots of back up and case law on this. just wow. Rowe and all his cronys we are stuck with now was a real creepy piece of work. God save the Queen. We could be no worse if we never were put under the false impression that we were free citizens with liberty and with a functioning judiciary system


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