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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Is Farrell making a fool out of the law in Pocahontas?

8 months ago Farrell Kelly was given a traffic violaton for peeing in an alley.  The officer declared it to be "indent exposure" even though he never saw Farrell's whizzer in action.  Apparently, standing alone in an alley facing a wall is "probable cause" for indecent exposure.

Farrell has never had a driver's license.  He probably couldn't even drive a nail into a board.  Yet another officer in a later charge claimed to have found an "expired" driver's license number when he charged Farrel with littering.

Those making such efforts were police officers.

But it doesn't stop there.  Farrell managed to get both magistrates recused from his case and a Greenbrier magistrate appointed to hear his cases.  In his first three arrests, Farrel was allowed "personal recognizance."  This means that he doesn't have to go to jail, just show up for his hearings.

Farrell is faithful to show up at his hearings.  It is a form of attention that he seems to actually enjoy.  He had a ball with the shrink who was ordered to test him for competency.  The shrink ruled that he was competent to stand trial. Three days and hundreds of dollars (if not thousands)  cost to the county and he is ruled competent.  Everybody else thinks Farrell is some kind of crazy, except a professional psychologist.  So include that person on the list.

But after three arrests,  Magistrate Cary Wilfong decides that Farrell needs to be in jail.  She gives him a $2,000 bond knowing that he hasn't a penny to his name and that he can't make bond.

Now remember she let him roam the streets all through the winter months and when spring comes she decides that he should go to jail.

The most recent arrest involves another charge of "indecent exposure."  The former charge of "indecent exposure" still hasn't been tried and is now eight months old.  We were told today that they may have dropped that charge by now.  So Farrel may have no traffic violations on his record.

But a bizarre twist (as you will see below) is  the strained logic set forth by is public attorney regarding "brandishing" That logic is applied to the brandishing of a "deadly weapon."  Somehow it applies to Farrell's unzipped pants.  (We won't carry this to its obvious conclusion!)


  1. When you mention law enforcement officers that are a part of all of these cases, make sure you give their names and job titles. That is public information and vital to exposing this crap.

    With all the many days in the last few years Farrell has spent in jail, with out being convicted of any crimes at all THAT is a major outrage. Please break down how many days he has been locked up and when. Then ALL the BS charges he had been given and WHAT the min and mzx of sentencing is for EACH of those code violations in the charges.

    I believe we will see that Farrell has earned TIME SERVED for most of them even IF he was ever found guilty of all this petty and vindictive crap.

    A writ of habeous corpus to release him is needed. WE all know several of those charges officers brought to Magistrates never should have gotten warranted warrants for arrest. Then after that arrest upon review the PA's office should have dismissed them. They have not. That is very telling.

    Yes there are false and baseless charges, incorrect charges, charges with no legal force, and double jeopardy.

    This is why you have all the makings of a way to stop judicial and gov abuse and corruption in Pocahontas County through his cases. These are all also being done against a disabled person, and a poor person, and worse yet a homeless person. He is in many different protected classes. As well the entire files and history of the county and officers involved back stories and info ALL make this very attractive for media to get involved, and for human rights, civil right, and disability rights and advocacy groups to be contacted to get involved.

    Through all of that all the truths about how corrupt everything is here will get out! That is a way to stop it, and put the heat on those who need to resign, be fired, and be investigated. This also puts all those dirty folks on notice to stop abusing others. This is a win win and helps not only Farrell but all citizens.

  2. Hold on just a cotten picking minute Shyster shyster and real old shyster here for a public service message.

    A tally whacker can indeed be declared deadly weaponry.
    O one ocassion I was charged with attempted murder after using my tally whacker on a few ladys and sending 2 of them to the hospital.
    We wont mention the name of the magistrate at the time who decided i should be charged but the charge was dismissed when acupper court determined it had been so long sense she had seen one that her knoldge of tally whackers was obsolete and that dur to her size a human tally whacker could not do anydamage plus the youbg ladys who were hospokized had returned for another wild ride on the shyster .

  3. what about video

    1. There is no video never was. It's all lies to slander Mr. Kelly's good name. He has every right to sue the IGA and the girl Lillan and her boyfriend Grey. It's truly sad when people are allowed to do this to a poor old man for fun and games.

  4. I cant say if farell is making a fool of them yet but some of the most notorious criminals have.
    Mainly the snitches who have violated criminal statutes one after another and are granted immunity from prosecution over tbe last few sheriffs one after another .
    Yes the same groups of snitchez have broken law after law knowing if caught they will get off by helping tge sheriffs office.
    This group of snitches were responsible for more laws being broken then those they put away .
    They made fools out of the last few sheriffs time after time.

    The Road Runner...

  5. The rotten totten snitches made fools of the sheriffs office.
    We all know who they were.

    The Road Runner...

  6. My experience has deemed it unnecessary for anyone to make fools out of our local law-enforcement, as they seem to have the ability to do so themselves with little to no effort.
    It is a skill that many have developed naturally from birth and or leadership examples in the past administrations.

    The Road Runner...


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