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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lost Documents:They Tried to Steal County Property in Plain Daylight


  1. well I would imagine by now that everyone has read the front page top column report on the speech given by our disgraced former sheriff jonese or by his infamous name just chief run a muck .... as true to form it was a talk all about him as usual ....retelling the story of and the reason for memorial day as a national holiday if no one knows ....spoke about collecting milk weed and patriotism would think that growing up and I use that term lightly with him just a few hundred feet from that church that he would know that the arbovale cemetery association has that service every year for many years now that the reason is not so much to honor veterans but more so to remember the people that have passed away over the last year and who are buried in the arbovale cemetery is not a time to make a call to arms to speak about how our young are disconnected it should have been about the passing of people from the community ..I would point out that if in fact our young are disconnected and do not want to volunteer to serve that the youth are tired of being lied to about unjust and undeclared wars that have resulted in our kids coming home maimed and broken or worst of all in a body bag he should have spoken about lying now that is something that he knows a whole lot about and he is good at that for the dangers of the battle field he knows nothing except what he has been told because he served from behind a desk never in the field .... suszette stewert wrote a glowing story to the 75 people who attended may 28 service and had to suffer through his speech of course she reported like the chief had delivered the Gettysburg address and not some inane dribble ....if she was a real reporter for a real newspaper she might have asked him why he obstructed justice and protected a serial rapist who served under him as a deputy he lied during his last campaign and denied any knowledge of what totten was doing after all lots of people told jonese on day one what was going on he chose to ignore those warnings ....he knew full well all for miss stewert she turned most people off with her garish tattoo`s which out of respect for the church and the occasion she should have covered up....what is widely accepted in the LGBT community is not looked at favorably in church it turns people off ....there are people who will not read her articles in the times because she so turns them off by her appearance know chief run a muck it will take more than miss stewert to ever get you elected to anything in this county ever again proof of that is in the humiliating defeat troy McCoy suffered and he was going to be your hand picked successor ....god help you if you ever run again and you get a good candidate to give you a run for your money god just look how upset you got at things written about you in the commentator and try as you might you could not close this blog down truth is a very hard thing to muzzle ain`t it????? the shame of it is that he could have done so much good and all he did was a failure except for getting his old lady a job that no one can figure out what the hell it is and what exactly what the hell she does just look at all the harm and hurt he did in these past eight years .....his salary was $61,000 a year plus a percentage of taxes collected so in eight years he raked in almost a million dollars and almost cost us that much in law suits against his department and legal fees so why doesn`t he just go and find a large enough rock and go crawl under it or how about the rock he came out from under when he ran for sheriff in 2008 oh yeah and take the tattooed lady from the freak show carnival with him

  2. daddy he won`t let me playJune 7, 2017 at 3:49 PM

    just like his kid who tied down the bench during his high school basketball days like his father he thought that the game was all about him but coach bob sheets knew that it was all about the team and not the individual so the kid couldn`t grasp that so he just sat it out on the bench one game the chief stormed into the half time locker room and screamed at coach sheets that he needs to put his kid in the game in front of the other team players ...well sheets told jonese that he was the coach and he would play the team as he saw fit and further more it was his locker room and he should get the hell out and not to come in the locker room ever again of course chief run a muck held a grudge against coach sheets and his family ever after oh yeah and the warriors won that game anyway

    1. To bad run a muck your kid is not Larry Byrd and your nobody.

      The Road Runner...
      P.S. Never been caught never will beep beep RUN A MUCK kma .


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