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Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Continuing Drama of Farrell


  1. Be careful they like to exclude public when they call it a "conference", though those are to be fully public. Public and media has the full right to attend ALL proceedings, including pre-trial conferences, as well as those "conferences" to negotiate and cut and offer deals for an offered plea. The only cases that are not open are with or about minors, and domestic and non domestic safety orders.

    AS well victims have the right and are to be served and given notice of ALL meetings, conferences, hearings and trials. And notified of any changes to the schedules. More so in WV since it is in the stone age and dockets are not online.

    At least that new attorney listed is not on the known list of corrupt or dirty attorneys, and has a good reputation.

    See in wording that at the "conference" there will be heard pre-trial motions. Well at least Greenbriar does those, Pocahontas in violation does not. But if they are hearing Motions this is a full public proceeding. Courts are publicly funded and lady Justice demands they be open and public and media to ensure review, and transparency.

    Why aren't groups that advocate for those with disabilities notified and asked to be witnesses. As well you really need to contact the ACLU.

    Any not agreed with outcome even denial of motions, Orders, and final judgements need to be appealed to Circuit. Then if not favorable on to WV Supreme Court He has those rights under the law. And we need more light shined on these things at the Supreme court level. It puts the cases and files firmly on the record. That is the only way to stop all the fraud and corruption here is one case at a time and making the cases bigger, more publicized.

    Look at list of States witnesses and see about compiling info on them (officers) to discredit them with evidence.

  2. As for Deputies, Troopers or any Law Enforcement Officers - the names and job titles at the time of their filing for warrants, or arrests and job titles now of those law enforcement providing evidence and being witnesses in hearings or trials needs to be made public here before hand as soon as released. Then folks who have information of past misconduct by them can give their information on them to other people who are being prosecuted's attorneys. As well as revealed here. All fully 1st Amendment rights, reporting, and public review, facts, and opinion which is protected under the law.

    We all know info on many officers are very damning. We also know that there is a lot of information not yet shared or made public but very documented that can help.


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