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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Interesting Wrinkle in the Fire Hall Deal

As you know public entities that provide services to private entities have to pay real estate taxes on their property.  (remember the Dog Grooming business)  This means that they have to pay real estate taxes on the entire property.

The GMC dealership had a deal with Meck across the road to provide water to his establishment.  So naturally the question arises as to "what about Meck."  Where will he get his water???

Now remember that the land upon which Meck's empire sets is county land and he uses it as a lease.  Plus it is swampy land that may well have been chemically contaminated by all the junk and other crap that has been put in there on it.

It has been a salvage yard, a storage facility, and is the headquarters of a sewage processor.

So isn't it likely that any well put down on that property will have to penetrate a polluted water table to get to clean water?  IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ANY WELL WILL BE THERE.  So Meck will still need water for his facility.

Problem:  The Durbin Fire Department now owns the property and the Fire Chief is a competitor to Meck's sewage business.  

Our reporter indicates that the BFD volunteer fire department may have to shut Mr. Meck off due to the fact that continued service by a public entity could expose the fire department to a real estate liability.

They might have to get a permit from the state to provide Meck with his water with its subsequent water inspection regime.

Then there is the possibility that  the land on Meck's side of the road might be contaminated and even if it is not, there is a possibility that the fire department could be blamed if it provides water service to Meck.

What would happen to the fire department if they have to comply with EPA standards as a water provider to a private business.

May we be so bold as to suggest that Meck call a drilling company? 

Likewise,  perhaps the BFD fire department should shut that water off immediately until they can bring the system up to state standards.


  1. well lets not forget that meck does not own the land that the meck world headquarters sits on he just rents it with a forever lease which he gets tax free he could move across the road to his new site ...wonder if we didn`t pay for those buildings on the three acres as well so maybe he can just pickup steaks and leave us holding the bag????

  2. I heard Grimes has his hands in this too. Heard that Grimes is working with him to get the school board to sell him their unused land for cheap. Much less than the tax payer shelled out. Please check into this.

    1. Yeah that's what my wife was telling me just the other day. Don't think there is any truth to it.

  3. big development it sounds like jacmal L.L.C. might have bought the great dismal swamp .... after bringing in many many truck loads of fill an attempt was made to bring in a large steam roller and tried to compact the fill sad to say the equipment sank in the boggy mass it took a lot of effort to pull it out that point it was put on a trailer and hauled ass out a there .wonder if they have a plan B ????? just saying ....

  4. Sounds to me Meck needs to be shut down. Another freeloader with their hands out wanting everything for free. For God sake people STOP spending your money with him. Go to the other guy and help a real working man.

  5. Meck had his own well you bunch of crazy gits. These alternative facts, while entertaining, shouldn't pretend to be news.


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