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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Anonymous Makes Major Accusation Against Magistrates

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Update on Farrell Kelly as of 5/17/2017": 

Broce-Kelly has committed many incidences of profound Judicial misconduct in many matters.

Both Broce-Kelly and Wilfong have also issued Warrants improperly, many without meeting the required elements or probable cause or evidence to cite any violations of code existed. 

They have not followed the rules and checks and balances of reviewing the requests for warrants prior to issuing them.

There has also been "date fudging", heavy use of and "post alteration" of Warrants and other court documents, use of white-out tape, and altering and amending after the fact, and after signatures of formal public Court documents, and even contracts ie surity, ie bonds; then making poor xerox copies of them to hide those altering. All causing legal "spoliation or mutilation". 

This cause the document to be materially changed, and are then no longer legally valid, nor binding and having no force. Those documents become legally null and void as well as any action taken through or after them.

Well documented this court had done this many times. Such are also clearly in evidence even in documents in the many Mr. Kelly cases. Made public and documented via those documents of the case records that have been published in this blog. There are many other cases that have these improper material changes that invalidates them.

The entire Magistrate of Pocahontas County is in violation of WV Supreme court rules for procedure,rules and conduct. 

It is not a legal and valid Court. It is a fraudulent Court under the color of law. As well many actors in the County are guilty of US code 1983 violations against many people. 

They continually violate the Civil Rights of citizens intentionally, and some of it is to cover up their own crimes, corruption and grave misconduct. 

There is also strong evidence that the County has conspired in some court cases and "decided" what the Ruling, Judgment or Orders will be from a Magistrate or Judge PRIOR to the actual hearings or trials. 

This goes beyond Obstruction of Justice, this ties also into public service fraud, and corruption.

If you review the counties case files you will see where the Magistrates violate WV code by allowing a criminal defendant's attorney to sign and enter personally into surety in debt, and to give and pay and enter into a bond on behalf of their clients. 

This is prohibited by WV code and procedure. They are violations of code done knowingly by both the involved Magistrate and the WV bar attorney.

In many case files you will see that the Magistrate has predated legal forms, contracts in their own hand beside the place where it is only to be done by other parties to confirm when they are giving their legally binding signatures.

Even though those other parties did not sign on that date, and did not I their hand affirm by writing the date themselves as to mark legally when they signed those legal documents. The date is part of all parties legal signature.

This is for any and all parties, to include a prosecuting attorney giving a kind of oath that that is the date upon which they signed these legal documents. Yet those documents are not true, and are fraudulent to when they were signed by PA's, Magistrates, Attorneys, and even Defendants.

These then are fraudulent and non binding documents as are false on their face and missing the vital required elements of each parties full legal signatures to include their own hand claiming upon what date they signed those documents. THAT is how far and broad the nullity of the Pocahontas County Courts are. And it is the entire Judicial District that is invalid and covers up for itself as a whole. 


  1. I agree that the magistrate system in Pocahontas is a disgrace, but that is a situation that Pocahontas has in common with all counties in West Virginia. However, if you want your narration to be credible, you must supply specific examples of misconduct. Allegations alone are not evidence.

  2. hence the name :the two bimbo`s wilfong looks like a beat up Barbie doll who needs a hair dresser appointment bad and oh yeah don`t miss all the rings on her toes really cute.....when she holds court she is always asking the assistant prosecutor how to proceed...and how about that assistant prosecutor simmons has dementia so bad that he leaves Hillsboro the family trust him to find the court house and when he gets there he goes into the office and closes the door and stays in there all day ...the assistant prosecutor runs the show and he comes from sommersvile every day ....who voted for that

  3. Perhaps reading the code of judicial ethics should be a requirement for all magistrates, assuming they can read. Magistrates here have routinely sought the advice of the prosecutor's office on active matters in violation of the following portion of the code:

    Ex Parte Communications
    A judge shall not initiate, permit, or consider ex parte communications, or consider other communications made to the judge outside the presence of the parties or their lawyers, concerning a pending* or impending matter,* except as follows:
    When circumstances require it, ex parte communication for scheduling, administrative, or emergency purposes, which does not address substantive matters, is permitted, provided:
    the judge reasonably believes that no party will gain a procedural, substantive, or tactical advantage as a result of the ex parte communication; and
    the judge makes provision promptly to notify all other parties of the substance of the ex parte communication, and gives the parties an opportunity to respond.
    A judge may obtain the written advice of a disinterested expert on the law applicable to a proceeding before the judge, if the judge gives advance notice to the parties of the person to be consulted and the subject matter of the advice to be solicited, and affords the parties a reasonable opportunity to object and respond to the notice and to the advice received.
    A judge may consult with court staff and court officials whose functions are to aid the judge in carrying out the judge's adjudicative responsibilities, or with other judges, provided the judge makes reasonable efforts to avoid receiving factual information that is not part of the record, and does not abrogate the responsibility personally to decide the matter.
    A judge may, with the consent of the parties, confer separately with the parties and their lawyers in an effort to settle matters pending before the judge.
    A judge may initiate, permit, or consider any ex parte communication when expressly authorized by law* to do so.
    If a judge inadvertently receives an unauthorized ex parte communication bearing upon the substance of a matter, the judge shall make provision promptly to notify the parties of the substance of the communication and provide the parties with an opportunity to respond.
    A judge shall not investigate facts in a matter independently, and shall consider only the evidence presented and any facts that may properly be judicially noticed.
    A judge shall make reasonable efforts, including providing appropriate supervision, to ensure that this Rule is not violated by court staff, court officials, and others subject to the judge's direction and control.

    1. This is a big one and worse than you can imagine. There are many cases of conspiracy and collusion by them together before and even during a hearing or trail. Some of it fully initiated by the PA's to coerce and manipulate Magistrates and defendants, or in other cases to try to control the Judicial ruling, order or outcome that harms victims. But to also cover up things in which they are liable for and to cover up their own fraud, obstruction, and crimes. Some of this ties into protecting dirty actors in sheriffs dept or WV SP also. They also don't give all evidence that they are supposed to share in discovery or requested files. Some of this they have done in halls, stairwells, in the Magistrate Court clerks office, and in their offices where they have been witnessed and or overheard. They also operate closed courtrooms in hearings and trials that are supposed to be open to the public. Dreama has her part to play in this also by barring citizens from entering. In some cases the PAs have hearings where they don't even allow other parties into those required open proceedings so they can cut certain deals. Done to hide what goes on in there. Many people have been screwed over by this. There have been cases where Cynthia Broce-Kelly has made comments to other County employees, including law enforcement PRIOR to a hearing or trail how she is going to rule. Some of those people have been so shocked and disgusted they have told others. But a key things many say is they can't do their jobs properly because of all the corruption.

  4. one of the bimbo`s (the big mother)didn`t even realize that she had to arraign people when she is on duty she really thought that if she didn`t feel like it she didn`t have to boy wouldn`t you love to see her big ass get thrown into TVRJ because someone didn`t feel like it.. i thought that jonese had something on them both so they did his bidding because they are afraid of him but finally he took a sneak and he is gone but here we are now and these two dud`s continue to screw every thing up they touch ...remember the BIG one ran because she was going to do a better job although she knocked out janet who was doing a better job .... and trashed Barbie she ran because Kathy beverage had a bad habit of pissing her self and the stench was getting bad .... so wilfong decides that she is going to tell the judge about it I guess he told her to be damn glad old Kathy ain`t shitting herself and shortly there after wilfong gets the heave hoe she gets her panties in a knot and knocks beverage out of the box pissed up drawers and all lucky us

  5. gosh oh gee I was wondering if dreama sharp is still on the payroll after all she had only one qualification and that was her undying love and devotion to david r.jonese at one point she was playing half back in the circuit court room and somebody asked her what are you supposed to be and she answered I am the assistant bailiff .. I am sure that you are asking yourself right now what the hell is an assistant bailiff and how we can all get such a nice position after all jobs are hard to come by these days aren't they????...but one thing I know for sure is that her main job is to read all the blogs and make a full report imagine a snitch in a busted ass broke county with no future this is what our money is being spent on duds for magistrates two over paid overweight senior deputies extra lawyers because the old fossil that is the prosecutor( you remember the one with the COJONES) can`t handle the job due to DEMENTIA so we are spending for an assistant prosecutor ,b o e lawyer .let`s not forget the commissioners lawyer and on top of it we have an assistant bailiff dreama sharp ....

    1. Dreama plays games on her cell phone while "playing at bailiff". She even interrupts other staff doing their work to show them her "high scores", and to gossip. I many over heard cases she is gossiping about parties right near by in court. She has laughed out loud disturbing the courtroom, and mocked victims of crime or abuse as they testify stopping the flow and unsettling them. Causing obstruction of justice as they then lost their chance to speak or return to presentation or testimony. She applies rules or actions against citizens in halls and in the courtroom she just makes up all on her own. In violation of basic rights of those citizens. She prevents parties and witnesses from bringing in their evidence into hearings or trials. She has yelled at and bullied citizens excising their rights and trying to go through the proper procedure in court in session with her made up BS to protect fat ass. Lazy Dreama while on "duty" and being paid has taken chairs from elderly and disabled, or distraught parties in the hall on proper business and sat in them to play on her phone. When asked if she can get more chairs or suggest she get out of that chair to give to the elderly or disabled she does not. This stuff is consistent and witnessed by many. That would be more things proven and evidenced in those security camera footage.

  6. balls like a brass monkeyJune 15, 2017 at 9:42 AM

    hey if you read between the lines in last weeks times wreaker # 1 might be looking at some trouble coming up because the commissioners consular is putting in recommendations for passage of a county wide fire board ... the out come will be chief no have wreaker business and use position to position himself at the top of the wreaker ladder

  7. so what is her job who hired her was an opportunity made to offer this job to all job seekers at the time and how and what is she being paid where does the money come from ....she wears a dirty jersey with the Pocahontas sheriff department emblem on it why is she in court ??? court and sheriff department are two different departments smells of incest like a lot of things in that court house .....another thing we got to blame shiny head david r.jonese for another monster he created


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