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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Voting For John Leyzorek May Well be....

...The smartest vote you've ever made.

Ok,  John is not a conventional candidate--that's a fact!

With John you get a county commissioner who doesn't need the job...

You get a candidate who has a farm on Back Mountain Road and a large family.  

You get a farmer who is opposed to government control of private property.  

You get a taxpayer who is against more taxes and will be voting against the levy.

You get a man who has his own solar system and lives off the grid.

You get a truck owner who drives a 1954 International truck as his work vehicle. 

He has a sixteen passenger van to haul his family to church.

John has a gun and knows how to use it!

This candidate is a defender of the 2nd Amendment!

He is a citizen who doesn't believe in operating government behind closed doors.

He will be a voice for all citizens at meetings (before, after, and during)

John would fight the gates of hell to prevent government from taking your land by eminent domain.

The government tried to force John out of his iron business by taking him to court.  He went to court, did his own legal work,  and beat them!

John is a proud member of the Constitution Party.  He is neither Republican nor Democrat.  He is an independent 3rd party candidate.  He owes no allegiance to any political party.

If you want to keep your property safe from government thievery, ff you want to keep the government elites from zoning your property,  if you want to keep your hard earned tax dollars. 

If you want to keep government surveyors off your land without your permission your vote is needed to put a true and dedicated member of the Constitution on the Pocahontas County Commission.


  1. What John is doing is getting Mr. Walker another term. He will pull enough votes from Jessie to keep Walker in.

  2. I am voting for John and so are many others I know. It's worth a shot to get a person in who will actually do some good.


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