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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Things May be getting Bad Again in Pocahontas

We are getting word that a break has occurred in the mailbox bashing case.  That's the good news.  The Bad news is that the police have a political problem.

The case had to be transferred from county to state and they don't like who they have found the culprits to be!

Fools rush in where angels bear to tread!

So go ahead and fix your mailbox you have heard the last of this matter!

We are also hearing that the going rate for getting out of a DUI in Pocahontas is currently standing at $1,000.  Perhaps we have had a "resurrection!"


  1. "things may be getting bad again..." since when were they ever good relating to public officials and/or law enforcement?

  2. A grand to get out of a DUI indicates easy easy cheapo scum bags.
    A real crook would get 10 g out of the suckers.

  3. Who are the culprits?

  4. This article fails to have a point, or a focus for citizens to understand what is happening, & how they may be able to correct this. Please give more details. Who, what, when, where & whys are a great start. Don't hold back


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