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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We Really Don't Care How You Did It Up North

One of the marks of a snobby suburban refugee is how satisfied they are with Pocahontas County.  Many came here because of the clean air, the well designed towns, low taxes, and freedom.  They liked that.  But once in a while you will run across one of those disgruntled refugees who moved her because it was such a nice place but now they want to change this place to be like the place they came from.

Our question:  Why don't you go back there if it is so nice?

My town reporter overheard a conversation the other evening about some member of the town council wants to "require" everyone to keep their grass below 3 inches and charge $$$ for unoccupied dwellings.  What's next zoning??

The town of Marlinton requires horses to have diapers on their butt!  So far we haven't seen a single diaper on a horse.  Good citizens just ignore stupid regulations. 

If you come to our little county just remember why you came and determine that you are going to like where you are even if it isn't like up north. 

All suburban refugees  are welcome to our county.  You came here because you chose to come here.  I like that!  I am here because I was born here. I happen to think that Pocahontas is a pretty nice place and I don't care how you did it up north. 

 You can't help that you aren't from here but we will ignore that misfortune and welcome you as a brother and a sister--with the exceptions of snobs.

A word of caution:  Keep this crap up and I will start naming names--even bring my trusty video camera to your next meeting so that folks can see what its like to be a real live...


  1. WOW Norman what happened to freedom of speech ? You know people will talk about things they would like to see but that does not mean they will force people in to it. Heck i would love to see the lawns in town kept up. There are so many with the grass over a foot high and that brings in rats. I do think it's funny you bash everyone but when someone says things about you. You get upset, Honey if you can do. So can everyone else. Before you think i'm what you call a suburban refugee. I'm not i was born and raised here.

    1. How did Norman affect freedom of speech after all you posted.
      And yes often people will force others to do thinks.
      Where have you been your entire life in a hole.
      People in the south do live a bit differnt at least in rual areas.
      You may have not noticed.

  2. you have no town reporter and you do the same things you accuse them of in different ways,you son of a bitch.

    1. Of course he has a town reporter, I think he has several.
      You didnt know that did you.
      Its not nice to use such language.

    2. my what a short memory you have. have you forgotten groot with the big root,humping buffalo and many more you son of a bitch .

    3. I do not think that Humping buffalo was a town reporter for the commentator.
      To the best of my recollection
      (hey that sounds like the buffalos husband testifying in court) humping was working for the lawless and disorder side and did not post on the commentator.

      And Groot with the root was more of a Southern big city boy who had a twisted sense of humor and preferance for Asian women. Again I do not recall him reporting or posting much on the commentator.
      He did not live in Wva.

      As for SOB postings you seem to have corralled that title.

      It seems your memory is the one with severe dysfunction tendencies.
      Perhaps that is due to mental anguish, alcoholism,drug abuse, low IQ or other unknown factors resulting in you talking out your rear end like yankee politicians from Chicago and Detroit, who keep telling us how smart they are while being in charge of two of the leading failed citys in America.

      The Road Runner...

      Beep beep you s.o.b. lol

  3. My but the pinhead are upset today.
    Maybe they need to go lay down someplace and take a nap.
    Or get a web site that they own.
    I see the humor in what you say.
    And the point.

  4. Sorry but the town has already passed something like this. If your lawn is not kept cut and under control. The town will come out and cut your lawn. They will charge you $55. If you own a home with no water turned on you still have to pay a monthly water bill. When NO water is turned on. Call the town office and they will tell you the same thing.

  5. Dam Yankees,wait Im a yankee.
    My statement stands dam yanks.

    Last time I cut my grass I found a car and two dogs I forgot I owned.
    The water I use comes from a well.

    The Road Runner...
    P.s. I am a reformed yank converted to a southern man.
    Myvlawn mower is broken, maybe I will buy some sheep.

  6. Private property lets you and me disagree, but still get along: I do it my way on my property,you do it your way on yours. If anything I do INJURES you,there are already plenty of laws that let you hold me responsible. "A priori" (before anything happens) regulation destroys everyone's rights. Let's keep freedom in Pocahontas County.


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