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Sunday, October 23, 2016

They beat him up in the Jail

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Homeless Man Given Traffic Ticket for Whizzing in ...": 

I just want to thank you for the prayers. I need all I can get. 

Do I want to see anyone suffer and live under a bridge?

NO, I don't but I am not going to sit and worship the praises of Farrell when I know what he has done and who he has done it too. I am not going to tell you who or what to believe because you will figure it out yourselves. 

And as the previous poster said, if you all are so worried about Farrell being under a bridge, donate some money and get him a place to live. 

The local law enforcement actually helped him survive the past winters by locking him up. 

Ask him why he doesn't go see his father at the nursing home, and why most people around the county do not open their homes to him when he comes knocking on their doors. He has put people through hell. 

By peeping into windows, starting rumors, and that's not even mentioning the crimes he has committed. He was found with a GUN, he is a felon, and has been a felon for years. 

He was in Huttonsville Correctional Center for committing a felony. 

Do I think he has mental issues, most certainly I do, and I think he should be trying to get help for those mental issues instead of trying to get the whole county up in arms for his actions

 If I were to "take awhiz" in the street or alleys, I would expect to get a ticket too. Because there are kids around, there are elderly around and I am sure they do not want to or need to see his "whizzed" there had to be someone there to report that he was "whizzing" for the police to become involved. 

Would you be ok with someone pulling it out and peeing in your view?

 I also think he knows how to work the system and naive people. 

He is very booksmart but has no common sense. I did notice that he didn't fill out the question pertaining to food stamps. Why is that?

 I thought you had to be open and honest about getting help with a public defender, and I know that he wouldn't be denied because of the amount of food stamps he gets.

 Also, how does one get food stamps or an address if he is homeless? 

Norman:  I observed that Herbie didn't write down his license number!!  If he committed a traffic offense shouldn't he have a license number?

How many kids have you see hanging around the alley back of Vanreenen's Funeral Home?

Are you saying that Ferrel was getting some kind of buzz off of peeing in front of a cop?

Ferrel was given a good beating when being checked out of TVRJ (BY THE GUARDS)  They broke out two teeth and banged his foot up.  I had to take him to the emergency room at the hospital and soon as he got out.  (We have video tape of what they did to him!)

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