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Friday, October 21, 2016

Continuance Granted in Clown Court

For some reason McNally's accusers don't show up in court. 

Neither Dottie McLaughlin nor Charlotte Irvine have shown up in court despite sheriff's subpoenas.  One of them hides when the server shows up.  They claim that they have certain illnesses that hinder their showing up to testifying the McNally Case.  Of course,  McNally claims that they have been seen at Trent's Store in Arbovale.

Dec. 18, 2016 is the date for the next hearing.  Eventually the witnesses will be required to show up or spend some time in jail for contempt of court.

McNally has been charged with felony cruelty to animals because his dog killed a feral cat and he tried to save the cat by kicking the dog.

 (Lesson:  If your dog jumps a feral cat just let him do nature's thing.)  

You will be charged with cruelty to animals if you try to save the cat--Just ask McNally.)

McNally was arrested in one of Jonese's famous nighttime raids.  Bail was set at $ 9300 which has cost him 10% of the bail fee, $930 

The officers seized two dogs' tags and left.  McNally was carted off to TVRJ when Cynthia Broce Kelly laughed at him for wanting to be arraigned that night. 

 She was in the courthouse but she didn't want to bother with McNally.  She went home.

Please consider the above link to be a secret.  Carrie is not sure she can put this in McNally's file because it might not be public.  So don't read this if you are a member of the public.  This is exclusively for "private" consumption.  If you are not private, ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Kelly has since been admonished for neglecting her duty.) Hint:  Expect to see a lawsuit out of those.  

This reporter suspects that McNally is stretching this out until Jonese is out of office in Jan.  

Ringmaster Wilfong won't consider that feral cats are not mentioned in the WV law.  We suspect that she hasn't bother to read the law for herself.   There has been no effort made to find out exactly if the cat killed is the cat in question.  The witnesses might testify eventually in circuit court.  In fact, it is questioned that either of the two witnesses may no even have owned the cat.

One good thing coming out of the circus today was a ruling that Sheriff Jonese has to file a report of his investigation in a prior situation with McNally's dogs. For some odd reason: the sheriff has not produced that report and the prosecutor is having trouble finding it. 

We'll post it as soon as Steve Gets It!


  1. If you don't mind I'll interpret what you said.

    The legal system is having trouble with this issue as they are not sure what is legal and what is not.
    They sre dragging their proverbial feet because they may have created a mess they don't want to actually touch.
    They have questionable Witnesses.
    And questionable motives themselves.

  2. norman lighten up on dottie as she is elderly is fighting lung cancer and is having heart trouble and she got duped by runny muck she didn`t know


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