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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Don't Let Hillary steal this election.

Look at your paper on the left 
of the machine to make sure it says 


  1. norman trump is not going to loose because of a stolen election but because he is a bad candidate .....only orange hitler could shoot his bigoted mouth off to the extant that some one like Hillary who is not liked by anyone can sweep the table ...only west Virginia will vote for orange hitler ... you know she is not liked by a lot of people because she rubs them the wrong way but not literary.... although I hope this county listens to you and votes straight republican so that barlow beats McCoy and we see the backs of chief run a muck,diamond dave,sammy hummel,mccoy,dreama the blogs proof reader and bryan shinaberry puts his resume together and moves on ...the only problem with this wish is that generally when you back a person it is historically a kiss of death

    1. Trump is a great man. He stands with christians. He will fight for the rights of christians. He will end all abortions and will put these murdering women in jail where they belong. He will protect our guns. He will take america back from all the trash that has taken it over. He will put God and the Bible back in school where it needs to be taught to the young everyday. Trump will make america great again. He will take us back to a time where we had rights before they were taken. Trump has been sent by God to lead america back to the Lord. Anyone who stands against Trump. Stands against freedom and God.

    2. As the world turns Clinton may be the first president to be jailed in her first year in office.

    3. If Trump is such a Christian, why is he such a pathological liar with a 90% lying rate? Why did he cheat countless of kids out of countless thousands of dollars with the unaccredited "Trump University? Why did he bribe two state attorneys general into dropping investigations into the Trump University scandal? Why did he try to bribe then Florida governor Jeb Bush into giving him a casino license? Why does he claim to give millions of dollars to charitable organizations that deny getting a cent from him? Why does he illegally spend money out of his own unlicensed Trump Foundation to fund his legal problems such as fighting a lawsuit in Florida over the height of a flagpole? Why was the greatest expenditure from his Trump Foundation to renovate a fountain in front of Trump Plaza in New York? I could go on for hours about Trump's lying and corruption, but I will stop here.

    4. Let me get this right you think Trumph is a a liar and corrupt and Hillary Clinton is not.

      Are we both on the same planet or are you taking huge doses of hallucinogenics.

      The Road Runner...

    5. How about we sing the new demo theme song called Pop Goes the weiner.

      Or maybe sing San Quentin Blues Hillary Clinton's future theme song.

      I can just hear Bill damn if they lock up that frigid bitch I might be able to get me some strange.

      Carlos Danger International Man of perversion and and the man who shagged Huma.

    6. Maybe Road Runner is not from Earth, because the Trump from Earth is a pathological liar. His lies are well documented in such fact checking organizations as and Trump's latest corruption - read about it on the internet today - is his penchant for destroying e-mails and other documents needed by the opposition in his almost unlimited court cases. Hillary has her own veracity problems, too, as do almost all politicians, but her shortcomings are nowhere near as vast as Trump's. I don't take hallucinogens or any other drugs. The proof is that I can spell Trump correctly.

    7. I have a hard time thinking you are not taking hallucinogenic drugs.
      Or are not under a psychiatrist's care when you say things that refer to Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons shortcummings.
      If you look below at some of the post you'll see them.
      Hillary Clinton has sold her country out time and time again for money and favors.
      She sold are uranium fields she approved the deal with Russia and again Bill Clinton got paid speaking fee right after.
      She was kicked off the water gate investigation Pro-Line and unethical Behavior.
      She has a history of this more than any other politician I can think of except maybe Anthony Weiner and Barney Frank and Ragsdale.
      It's almost impossible to keep up her lies about her email.
      So I misspell Trump big deal you're blind to Your Heroes activities.
      So that you know I think Trump is a poor choice for a president Hillary Clinton is a poor choice for a human being.
      If I left it within 24 months the stock market will crash we will continue to lose respect overseas as we had with President Obama.
      If your on Social Security somebody either fix it or you'll be doing without it. Clinton is a disaster. my opinion of people who vote for her are they are imbeciles.
      She will allow immigrants to flood in this country and the unprecedented numbers.
      this destroys our rnation the average immigrant sucks up over $15,000 more in benefits than they. Earn if they work. Not to mention crimes she will expand Obama care which is looking at increases as much as 116 percent and failing fast .She wants a single payer system.
      The Road Runner...

      P.S. your a fool

    8. Here's one for your small brain to ponder on Huma abedin choice for chief of staff work for a company that denied Women rights and also they felt that 9/11 was the fault of the American people this is her choice would you work for them responder shut the hell up

  2. Hillary can't steal what is already hers.

    1. You mean her upcomming cell.

  3. I think it's really unfair for people to pick on the clintons,they had to work hard to get the money they have ,it's not easy being a con man a hustler and a traitor and a world class liar.
    I dont think the voters appreciate how hard all this is and how much work.
    It takes a lot of work to sell out you morals and your nation.
    Poor Bill is probally still sucking on the same cigars that got him in so much trouble trying to Stretch A Penny or stretching something.

    Why just like hillary said when they left office they were flat busted.
    Why they only had the two mansions worth over a million dollars each $250,000 year bills pension plus $900,000 a year to keep an office as president and they only made a few million dollars a year I think 20.
    Dam it those republicans dont know how hard it is to get by on such.
    Now they have to explain where another 10000 e mails came from.
    Its not easy being sleazy.

    Austin powerless international Man of Mystery and I didn't shag Monica or Hillary oh God I god Now I have to puke just thinking about that.

    P.S. if Hillary or bill ever offer you a cigar back off back off fast and back off of real far away.

  4. How about that 17.6 milliom bill collected of one College.
    After hillary blasted for profit schools.

    1. All perfectly legal. Past presidents make a lot of money making book deals, personal appearances and lending their names to various enterprises.

    2. Its called pay to play and the FBI is investigating the Clinton's for it you forget she was Secretary of State and handing out favors by the Dozen 2 people who paid bill and Clinton Foundation which they sucked the money out of left and right.
      Jail is a comming.

  5. Its starting to look like Uma Aberdeen may have those 30000 e mails plus many more that clinton illegaly deleted.
    And that Huma said she did not have.Along with the fact she shared them with Anthony Weiner.
    Someone is going to jail most likely Huma and Clinton is in the running.

    1. It has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth. The same can be said for politics. The truth as determined by FBI director James Cormy, a Republican, was that the server manager, not Hillary, destroyed the e-mails. The e-mails were selected by Hillary's lawyers as being personal e-mails, and they could legally be deleted under the court order. Either you know something that the FBI does not or you have been listening to Trump. Probably the latter.
      I notice you did not mention the many documents that Trump has destroyed since 1973 which were subpoenaed in the many court actions that Trump has been involved in. These included subpoenaed e-mails in later years. It is a crime to destroy subpoenaed documents. You don't care because truth obviously has never been your forte.

    2. Hillarys lawyers never did read her e mails and Trump was not Secretary of State. He also didnt have 13 devices when saying he only had 3.
      And hillarys team who took care of her servers are refusing to testify before congress.
      You really think this is about republican aginst demo.
      The Donald is a jerk.
      It has more to do with selling out her nation.
      I actially think she will win .
      Then you can live in her pardise of lunacy and greed.

      The Road Runner...

  6. Now its come out that when she was in China Hillary left Classified Documents in her hotel room.

  7. I almost forgot the Clintons recived a 550000 dollars from China for a speaking fee right after she forgot those papers.

  8. I almost forgot the Clintons recived a 550000 dollars from China for a speaking fee right after she forgot those papers.

  9. Lots not forget in 2002 w she was aginst a special Colombian Trade Agreement yet her and Bill are invited to Columbia Bill gets another big paycheck from the Colombian company call Erickson right after Bill met with the president and got paid Hillary meets with the president and agrees that they should support the Columbian Trade Agreement as Secretary of State.
    After Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State the amount bill got paid for speaking increased from a ha from more normal fees to 500000. And up to as much as 750000.
    Also Clintons policy changed on issues regarding outher nations as Secretary of State that benefited them greatly.
    Lets not forget how she approved the sale of our uranium mines for a really good price by the way after Bill got paid his speaking fees.
    Before she was against this and she was all for it now she hates Russia again.
    She's what you call a greedy traitor selling out their own country.

  10. How about her lie about comming under fire in Bosnia.
    The fact was she was met at the airplane by little girl with flowers there were no gunshots are snipers

  11. How about her claim after being fored from her law firm and was dating bill she joined the marines odd there is no proff no paper work to prove this.

  12. How about hollary claiming all her grandparents were immigrant this also was not the truth.

  13. Hillary the trader and master of lies claimed her server was set up according to the law and regulations.
    The FBI and a federal judge claimed this was not true.
    She'd lie about being a woman if she thought she could get away with it.
    Actually I think she could get away with that one.
    Just ask her husband Bill Clinton apparently he thinks she isn't a woman because he's been screwing other women for a long time.

  14. Hillary Clinton claimed she was carbon neutral all the time flying around and private jets.
    Riding around in huge luxury cars using tons of electricity and her mansions.
    Honest Clinton if she has not lied to you then you have not seen here speak or write or use sign language.
    You can see it in her condescending smile.

    When she goes to hell she will be the horned ones back up.

  15. Now the News has come out the Clintons are under investigation for pay-to-play with the foundation when she was in the state department.

  16. Clinton claimed she had a long list of accomplishments when she was in the state department yet when asked she couldn't name them.
    My favorite accomplishment was lying to the families of the Benghazi victims and to America but as she said they are dead what differance does it make now.

    The Road Runner...

  17. I like the way she went to sleep during the Bengazi attacksand handled it the next day by blaming others and a tape.
    It was a not spontaneous riot yes everybody brings AK-47 and grenade launchers to a spontaneous riot that just happens to be on the anniversary of 9/11.
    One of her top lies.

    The Road Runner...

    I would have respected her if she had said we made a mistake but she blamed others lied and said what difference does it make now that they're dead.
    Words of a true leader and honest woman.

  18. Pollsters have told us for a year that Trump's strongest support base is uneducated white males. Why am I not surprised?

    1. I am not a Donald supporter I am a anti Hillary as I do not support wires crooked people treason people who cannot take care of classified documents people who get fired as a lawyer for being unethical and a liar.
      Too many people with mystery suicides around them.
      Selling out the nation to make money such as our uranium mines.
      Someone who approves of killing babies disarming America and helping Iran take over an entire region and develop nukes.
      I can go on and thats the issue.
      As you support her it tells us all what kind of ethics and morals you have.
      Yes Im voting for the Donald but its more a vote aginst the greedy crook Clinton then for him.
      Sadly we have two choices that are both bad she is just way to bad.

    2. It is Trump's lies that are so bad, such as the uranium lie. There are eight people in this country who have the power to sell uranium to another country, and the Secretary of State is not one of them. There is, of course, the veto power by the President. No uranium was sold to the Russians as Trump claimed.

      I do have high morals, and that is why I am voting against Trump. He is a bigot, unexperienced, delusional, a pathological liar as determined by every fact checking organization, tax evader, a womanizer and corrupt beyond comprehension. What do you think of someone who uses charity money in his unlicensed foundation to buy two paintings of himself, one for $20,000 and the other for $10,000? Or some one who uses $275,000 of his foundation charity money to repair a fountain outside of Trump Tower? Or uses $60,000 of foundation money to bribe two state attorneys general into abandoning their investigations into the Trump University scandal? Or claims donations to real charities that never heard of him? Or spent $120,000 of the foundation money for legal fees in a dispute in Florida over the height of a flagpole? Or giving $100,000 of foundation money to Citizens First so that organization could (and did) sue the attorney general of New York who was already suing Trump over the Trump University scandal?

      A fact checking organization, PolitiFact, has concluded Trump has a lying rate of over 90%. His statements which are mostly or totally false are 70%. I you believe any of Donald Trump's crap, you are more than likely one of the uneducated white males that the pollsters told us about.

      You stated that Hillary helped Iran develop nukes. Her work ensured that there would be no nukes, and the agreement allows for American checks for verification.

      From your sweeping generalizations and misinformation, I know that you really don't actually know much about either candidate. There is a saying that if one throws enough crap against a wall, some of it is going to stick. I know that Hillary is not perfect, no one is, but her imperfections pale in number and severity to Trump's. Perhaps you prefer a president who is a Putin admirer and who seemingly is in Putin's pocket. In the last couple of weeks Putin has leaked several faked e-mails in an attempt to turn the election toward Trump. America needs a president who won't kiss Putin's butt, and that person certainly isn't Trump.

      Suicide(s)? Where is the proof that Hillary had anything to do with it (them)?


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