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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Price of Justice--$43,000 later and he was acquited.

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  1. hitting soft targets cost a lot of money in a county and state that has so little .... so what do we have to show for it how many school books or winter coats for poor kids could we have bought for $43,000 ....of course it cost more but that is what they are owning up to and look at the rest ...luther pritt ,hienemann rightfully calling two candidates crooks ,dead cat ,paying snitches and then looking the other way when they go on a breaking and entering wave on old peoples homes ..yeah you could write a thesis for a doctoral candidate degree in just how much has been wasted on poorly conceived police activities launched by a hateful evil creep that is sheriff chief run a muck with no police training what so ever ...imagine all the hurt he has been responsible for no gain ....drugs! I would say that everyone would agree that drugs are worse due to herion so what did he accomplish except pissing everyone off in the entire county about the two magistrates remember when they ran and told people they would not sign frivolous warrants well what the hell happened to that promise ???two women in over their heads who have no knowledge of law pretending to be magistrates look where that has gotten us


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