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Friday, October 28, 2016

The Totten Matter

2012 West Virginia Code
§28-5-33. Appointment of committee of convict; bond.

When a person is confined in the penitentiary of this or any other state, or of the United States, under sentence for one year or more, or to suffer death, the estate of such convict in this state, if he have any, both real and personal, shall, on the motion of any party interested, be committed by the county commission of the county in which his estate or some part thereof may be, to a person selected by such county commission, who, after giving bond before the county commission in such penalty as it may prescribe, shall have charge and management of such estate until the convict is discharged from confinement or dies; and upon such motion the county commission shall appoint said committee, although the convict has no estate, either real or personal, located in this state. In the event said convict has no such estate, or his estate does not exceed one thousand dollars, reference to a fiduciary commissioner shall not be necessary. All appointments of committees heretofore made and decrees or judgments heretofore awarded by any court of record in this state against or on behalf of any convict shall not be considered invalid for the reason that the convict had no such estate at the time of the appointment of such committee.


  1. If no one wants to take a intrest in our poor boys estate I would be happy to help out sir rotten.
    I think his present and future property and accounts should go to the victims of sir rotten and to fund police awarness in Pocahontas land as to not how to no become a corrupted self-centered pervert.

    Austi powerless international man of mystery and the man who would shag the Sheriffs golden boy if he was a fellow inmate.
    Id take his shower shoes and stick his stubby tooth brush in hiding places it was never made to fill.
    I really dislike the b@$&@&d.

  2. Of special note it must weigh heavy on his heart he no longer will have the law backing him no gun just his smarts ( not a advantage ) and his knuckles to protect him when he finally gets out of prison.
    By then the only thing on him that will still work will be his ego.

    Austin powerless international Man of Mystery who never forgets.

  3. Perhaps some of his old freinds such as the man who said he was the best deputy in the state maybe the nation will help him out.
    Or his buddies on the now defunk aux. who praised his reputation will help him out.
    Or even the High Sheriff or honest Simmons.
    He will need a helping hand for sure and Im sure he will have a lot of people interested in in giving him the help he needs .

  4. you know the sad thing is this creep low life will be out and among us before you know it scary ain`t it happy holloween


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