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Friday, October 7, 2016

The Nightime Arrest Was Intended to Give McNally a Night in Jail

(a) In General. (1) Appearance Upon an Arrest. (A) A person making an arrest within the United States must take the defendant without unnecessary delay before a magistrate judge, or before a state or local judicial officer as Rule 5(c) provides, unless a statute provides otherwise. (B) A person making an arrest outside the United States must take the defendant without unnecessary delay before a magistrate judge, unless a statute provides otherwise.

Was Kelly's laughter at McNally a conspiracy to punish him with a night in jail???


  1. chief run a muck`s punishment by arrest has back fired on the former store clerk posing as a magistrate ....following runny`s lead she got her tits (both of them ) caught in a wringer with the judicial investigation commission of west Virginia by a unanimous decision she has been disciplined with PUBLIC ADMONISHMENT and warns her from engaging in similar behavior in the future .....ouch !!!!IN OTHER WORDS JUST KEEP SCREWING UP AND SHE WILL NOT BE A MAGISTRATE ....imagine that back at the Pocahontas pharmacy simply because she blindly followed that arrogant bald headed asshole

  2. it's sad you don't know how things work. you sob!

    1. Its sad that you dont know the difference between right and wrong.
      Legal and immoral.
      The Road Runner...

    2. Are you the bald headed asshole or the asshole with jugs.

    3. Why dont you tell us how things work.
      Please fell free to elaborate.

      The Road Runner...

    4. Do not worry every dumb ass gets one right every so often in a lifetime, you have just not got a turn yet.
      Please elaborate on how it works so we can all get a good laugh.
      I am still waiting, please respond before I die.

      The Road Runner...

    5. well here is how it works ....magistrate is an ancient idea that goes far back to the early days of English law even before the magna charter ....a magistrate is the power that protects the defendant rights by ensuring that the law is administered fairly and stands above law enforcement not be part of the sheriffs department ......this night time pipeline to the regional jail is nothin more then part of a scheme in the waning days of a deeply flawed and failed sheriff who is out to punish the last of the people who have stood up and spoke against many of the sheriff`s wrong headed and cruel actions these last almost eight years ..... magistrate Kelly has sold out on the promise she made when she got the job and finally she got caught at it .....she should be removed from office .....I hope our new judge takes notice of what happened here and take control of what is going on with the people who work under him .....

  3. It appears our dumb ass friend is not going to share his wealth of knowledge on how it works.
    It would be so nice to be educated by him or her on how the law is supposed to work.
    I get the feeling, that our how it works friend may have spent a great deal of time with a lip lock on the
    back side of a county elected officials rear end.
    This would explain the attitude they have.
    Sadly it appears they have become unable to type due to a extremely rare case of moronites.

    Sadly for them it also appears the era for the empire of evil is about come to a abrupt ending with a new Sheriff and a adjustment in attitude to all others, due to new judges hopefully more endowed with common sense and ethics then those who have come before them,with power over the small forest hamlet known as poke a hoe county.

    The Road Runner...

    P.S. beep beep

  4. Come on big boy no need to be scared tell us how it works,we are all waiting for you Revelations on how things work.
    Its ok to be scared you will make a fool of yourself.
    No doubt you have time and time again.
    You never know you might make fools of your opponents here for all to see, then you can brag about it.
    Take a chance, what have you got to loose.
    You have made a fool out of your self many times so one more will not hurt, it could go the other way.
    You could be the hero.
    Yes the hero.

    So take a chance and come play with the

    Road Runner...

    Beep beep dont be a chicken $hit.


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