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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Trash Talking the School System to Get a Levy Passed!!!

Editor's Note:  A successful levy will permit the school system to continue its practice of salary stacking.    This salary means giving additional jobs to the same people thereby increasing their total salary. While teachers will continue to receive state minimum basic salaries, administrators will pull in huge sums of additional money.  (Your superintendent is getting paid over $105,000.)  This greatly increases their available retirement when they leave the system.

As one person said,  it seems like administrators get paid a stipend just to mail a letter.

In a similar vein,  passing a levy doesn't necessarily increase available maintenance funds.  Currently,  the system is so engrossed in paying salary supplements, etc. that there still won't be enough money for maintenance.  With a new high school maintenance will be even higher.

There will be much higher transportation costs than at present.  Middle school students will have to travel farther and longer that they have to at this time.

As you can see from this week's previous article,  full time people will be given additional job responsibilities.  Do you really think full-time personnel are going to work overtime?  Or are they going to have their attention divided between their current jobs and their extra jobs.

Example:  In a school that is having problems with maintenance, why would you give your maintenance person additional non-maintenance responsibilities such as athletic director AND coordinator.


  1. I know where the Board can save $36,000 per year, don't you?


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