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Friday, June 3, 2016

New High School Principal


  1. This time last year they were going to get rid of him because of the mess he has created at Marlinton Middle now they are promoting him? Does the board think the parents in this county are stupid?

  2. sure do because they know better

  3. You better get your facts straight! Riley, has done more for that school then any other principal that has been there before him. The staff RESPECT him and he does the best of his ability with punishment for students. But when you have parents at home that don't punish their kids and lets them do whatever, whenever they will never know right from wrong. I'm glad Riley will be going to the High School, finally we will have someone who can provide structure and put the school back in order the way it was years ago. So Norman, why don't you go find someone else to talk about. It never ceases to amaze me that you never talk good about anyone, you will dig to find what ever trash you can on anyone. Oh and at-least Riley can work for the school system and has a say, unlike you who will never be on the BOE or have involvement in the school system. So if you don't like the way PC does things around here, why don't you do everyone in the county a favor and move away!

  4. Norman, you might have been at the meeting! But you have no idea, you have to be in the school 8 hours a day to see what Joe Riley is doing for the staff and students in the school. Joe Riley is hands down one of the best principals they have had, he has a backbone and will stand his ground. We will finally have someone at the High School with a big enough set of balls to make the high school a better place, and I think Joe Riley is the answer. One thing is for certain, he has a backbone and won't be letting your negative remarks about him put him down. So why don't you go find your next innocent victim, maybe we should look in your closet, who knows what we will find in there! Actually the best thing you can do is just leave the people of PC alone, no one deserves to be criticized by you, and especially by someone who says he is a man of God!


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