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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hot Times Articles--(salary stacking)

Editor's Note:  The Board Election is over so it is now time to focus on getting a levy passed.  The Commentator is following this issue closely!  We are doing the fact checking!

Below you will see in the hiring of the PCHS principal they exact recipe for  producing 9 employees holding 47 jobs.  Riley was given four extra positions with corresponding additional salary.  As if this weren't enough,  they gave him a bonus salary (supplement of $6,000)  Morgan McComb, the school janitor, was given two unrelated positions worth another $2,000.  It seems as if all extra money is going into salaries.

Now the board wants you to vote for a levy.  Why didn't they put all this extra money into maintenance so the buildings wouldn't fall down.


  1. You wouldn't know how.

  2. I though Morgan was leaving to teach in Fayette County, it was all over Facebook. Bet his salary gets raise to what it would be there. Why not make him principle he has run the school for the last 5 years.

  3. Do we have proof of the salary stacking? I was told by a secretary that has been there a long time that she only gets paid for one job and not the outrageous salaries that have been mentioned by Norman.

  4. Norman where is the proof of salary stacking? You keep saying there is proof but you never show any. I'm really starting to wounder if this is some kind of revenge tactic over you being fired years ago.


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