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Thursday, June 2, 2016



  1. A footnote to Ms. Price's legal saga. The Office of Disciplinary Counsel racked up some hefty expenses in the course of investigating her during the last 10 years. Though the total figures are available, ODC refuses to release the supporting documents (receipts, invoices, etc.) of how those expenses were incurred. If you feel so compelled to find out why ODC won't disclose that information, you may call Rachael Fletcher Cipoletti, the chief lawyer disciplinary counsel, at (304) 558-1199.

  2. well it is sad indeed but I do not think that totten would never have been brought to justice without this brave lady think about it never... 77 serial rapes and she was the only official that did anything to stop it and remember they all knew about what he was doing including the sheriff .... as a community we owe her a lot .... what a disgusting era in the history of Pocahontas county ..... thank you ms. price


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