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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Seepage in Greenbank

The Truth is Coming Out Like Mud through a crack.

Because that letter in the paper does not answer anything really at all. There was some blurry image on facebook but even downloading and opening and full magnification still was unreadable and blurry. People were waiting on real information, and documents. 

Of them most critically are the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation. With out those the other required to disclose, already asked for, illegally not provided public records will not make much sense. This does not give information. Such as if someone is talking about size of something then they could have officially given the public the REAL dimensions of it and the public could make of that what they will. But again had the opportunity to disclose information but didn't. 

The BFD is in reality a sub contractor for Pocahontas County and the State of West Virginia which must provide these services to their citizens. Which is why there is required to be oversight, consistency, and full transparency in all their records. on Annotated Truth


  1. what does it take for the Pocahontas times to get involved and do some reporting that paper has no right to be in business

  2. Better to contact the Gazette. Times doesn't even really cover crimes, or court case, or what really goes on and why.
    Heck we know there is a researcher and film maker who was raised here who is working on a Documentary about the Rainbow Murders. You know that was never really properly investigated, and so many more stories and info have been running around. The biggest fact is that rapists and murderers got away with it and are still a danger. You would think the Poco Times would cooperate and work with this woman and also put something in the paper and give this woman's email and other contact info for people to come forward and at least tell what they know, have heard and let her take all that information and make what she will with it, and investigate upon leads. Seems too many wasted opportunities to really make a difference.
    Then again in 2012 with HR 5736 it gave certain nefarious alphabet agencies to continue with Operation Mocking bird, and other projects to control the media, to lie to the public, keep them in the dark, and to project fake news and distractions. Who knows, after all WV is a corrupt CIA and Rockefeller deep state run and connected state. Maybe this dumpy rump rag gets it's backdoor benefits.
    Hopefully our President will fix this. He was just called "The Leader of the World" when introduced before addressing the Korean Government. His speeches in China were powerful and all the global peace, trade and jobs negotiations have been unprecedented. He was greeted in a manner by each Nation in a manner unlike they have any other President. The things he told the US military personnel while having meals with them were again key to understanding where he is going with America and it's rebirth and renewal. MAGA +++


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