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Friday, November 10, 2017

Is Pocahontas to Become a Natural Gas Cesspool?

A lot of folks have been worried about a pipeline but we have discovered something that is even a greater concern than a pipeline. 

Our county could be used as a storage tank for natural gas OR EVEN WORSE--A DEPOSITORY FOR THE FRACKING FLUIDS FROM OTHER COUNTIES.

 See this:


  1. Hopefully the dirty Dems in office will be in the next phases of the massive PURGE from the STORM. Many investigations and records have shown the WV Dem PACS, candidates and DNC got money from George Soros, and Saudis that were just rounded up for major global corruption and under house arrest in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Think a dirty Dem would ever give back, or donate those dirty funds to a good cause? What about those electronic voting machines WV uses. hmmm Some big things will happen tomorrow, and then the 13th, Then Dec 4. All the other tip off dates for other things did match up and happen. Exciting times! Odd acts of "terror" ramping up globally as a response from very desperate scum was expected. Blackmail strings being cut.

  2. China just made a deal with wv to invest over 83 billion over the next 10 years in natural gas and maybe coal.

    Will it be a blessing or curse who knows.

    The Road Runner...


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