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Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Sheriff in Town

Uncle Willy has left a new comment on your post "I'll Save you 50 cents": 

What I'm gonna say next is true, 
But for some this news is not new.
A rumor going around
Says a new Sheriff's in town:
The INTERNET TROLL's watching you! 


  1. I recall a story that I once read.
    The truth is quite the opposite instead.
    The idea I'LL abort
    Is that a troll is short
    And has lots of hair on his head.

  2. Norman, I wanted to let you know of something just awful I seen down at the Marlinton Elem. school. I was late going my girl off to school. I drove he down to be there on time. I walked her to her 5th grade classroom. The children were doing the pledge but to my dismay many children were sitting. After asked the teacher she said they refuse to stand for the pledge. She went on to tell me they do this everyday. She said she was afraid to even try to make them stand. Norman I know you worked at the schools. Is there anything the teacher can do? Something needs to be done. These children have no respect for our vets or country.

    1. Please just Shut up already! It's none of your damn business of who, what or why they sit. You have no right to tell other people's children what or how to do things. People like you just want to get shit started around here.

  3. When I was much younger I had no respect for Nixon. I didn't put my hand over my heart when the national anthem was played at ball games because Nixon had all police to put flags on their uniforms as symbols of patriotism. I saw this gesture more as a symbol of allegiance to Nixon than allegiance to my country. If these children see standing during the pledge as allegiance to Trump, then I applaud them for their honesty.

  4. Norman come on now. You know better, you are a ex-teacher right? Then you know it's illegal to force a child to stand for the pledge! From what I have been reading on your facebook page it seems you don't have the correct information or the other teacher who commented on your facebook page she forced her students to stand. Good thing both of you no longer teach. Get ready to have your minds blown. Few people remember it, but the case in which the United States Supreme Court first decided students’ rights regarding the Pledge of Allegiance actually originated in West Virginia. The case was West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624 (1943). In that case, the Supreme Court struck down a resolution that allowed schools to expel students who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance on the basis that refusing to stand constituted an act of insubordination. The Court held that forcing students to stand for the Pledge constituted compelled speech and violated the First Amendment.
    1. Schools cannot require students to recite the Pledge or stand for the Pledge (including standing silently while other students recite the Pledge).
    2. Students cannot be required to leave the room while other students recite the Pledge, obtain parental approval to be exempt from reciting the Pledge, or explain or justify themselves if they choose not to recite the Pledge.
    3.To be entirely clear, schools may wish to inform students that they have the right not to participate in the Pledge. Even if they do not, teachers may not lecture students about patriotism or respect for the flag or the like if a student refuses to stand, as a way to influence students to participate.
    So let me make it clear NO, a school cannot force a student to stand for the Pledge. The First Amendment, of course, is implicated in all manner of situations in schools on a daily basis. I hope that will help you understand why NO teachers or schools can force a child to stand.


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