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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

County Approves Floodplain Crossings

We traveled to the courthouse today to get the current floodplain permits granted by Donald McNeel but he apparently is guarding them from publication. 

 None are in the record for the pipeline.  We are hearing that he has granted these river and stream crossings.

Has the county been going behind our backs and supporting the pipeline?????

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  1. Folks need to file FOIA on all that stuff. Then double check on WV Secretary of State online database and see if they report and register that or those requests. They have to by law, and MUST comply. You all had that legal right to see it when you went in person. Document who all went and were witnesses, what was said, what denied and hidden, and by whom. Enough of this crap. Did your feet get all dirty being in the swamp?


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