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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Starting to get an idea of what may be going on at Green Bank.

Cycerus Bedwetter, our Green Bank correspondent reported in this evening.  Most, if not all, of his report is pure speculation.

Cycerus reports that the action in Green Bank is still centering around Sheets garage.  It seems that some persons are actually wanting to get grabs on the property "behind" the garage and the adjacent wood processing plant.

A trailer part is in the offing.  Think of it as the seminal verson of Little Puerto Rico.  It seems that there are big plans to import workers from other places to take the jobs away from local people.  This drivers the cost of labor down greatly.  But there must be housing for the workers.  Look for a "nice" trailer park in Green Bank.

The dealership might be let go for $90,000.  It seems that one person has connections to Governor Jim Justice.  

We hear that the Cass storage depot near the intersection has been completed.

The old BFD substation is to be sold.

We were told that Meck is not interested in the dealership property and has no plans to expand his multiple enterprises inside Pocahontas.  His trucking business seems to be flourishing.  As many as six trailers (as in tractor) are often parked at Huntersville.

We guess that a "trailer" park in Greenbank would be a suitable substitute for six sewer pits.   It will be good for Henry's and the Little General store.  


  1. Are they still searching for et at Greenbank.
    If they do contact any of the crew there et may consider us a substandard species.
    I would perfer them to make contact with Jehovah Witnesses over the slack jaw mouth crew that work there.

    Austin Powerless the man who will shag et.

  2. Yes all we need are more foreigners to take local jobs its the Democratic way.
    Import labor so locals can draw welfare.

    Austin powerless the local who will shag the imports and their mothers.

  3. It's not Henry's anymore, it's Par Mar.


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