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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is the School Board Having Secret Meetings???


  1. So your saying you know the meaning for a meeting and that none of the above apply ? You really do hate Emery don't you ?

  2. Norman was alluding to the West Virginia Open Governmental Proceedings Act.
    See for more information. Officials must be very careful what they say to other officials because it could be determined to be an illegal meeting.

  3. Too bad we don't have a local newspaper that is interested in protecting freedom of the press and the 1st Amendment and fighting government secrecy.

  4. Norman it's normal to discuss something before making it public. I don't where getting opinions and more information as a bad thing. Your boy Trump does the same thing. I don't see you getting upset when people you like do it. Norman calm down and smoke a joint. :)

    1. The difference between normal and legal is how many officers are present when the discussion takes place.

  5. We have an anonymous here who thinks it's okay if government is done in secret. I wonder what ever happened to people who understand what America is all about. It's clear we have taken our freedoms for granted even after wars were fought to protect them.


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