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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rumors and Scuttlebut

The biscuit place was alive with tales and rumors this Saturday. We don't know whether these are true, only time will tell. But here they are for what their worth. Take these with a grain of salt and see if they come true.


 1. Hillsboro school will close by fall of this year and morph into a small college.

 2. Marlinton Elementary will be moved to the Middle School campus hence out of the flood plain.

 3. The 7th Day Adventist Church in Marlinton which formerly met in St. Johns Episcopal has purchased a new building on Beard Heights, the old medical office across from Liar's Corner. Our reporter Gene Poole says that they paid $178,000. 

4. Great turbulence within the fire department arena. Gene says that the plan is to have a county wide fire department with one chief and multiple assistant chiefs. The goal is to move toward full time salaried fire positions instead of volunteerism.

 5. BFD is looking to buy Sheet's Garage. This will effect Meck who uses the site for storage and parking. Gene says that the front display room may be "privately" used as commercial space by someone affiliated closely with the fire department. 

6. Cass has been forced to curtail its expansion plans to the Cass intersection. Their proposed building will now be used for storage. 

7. Gene says that Cass department is down to eight members.

8. Jim Justice may lift the moratorium on coal mining in Pocahontas County.

9.  Trump is making things easier with his easing of coal mining restrictions.  We could become the next Saudi Arabia.


  1. cesspool suits you better and a pinch of shit instead of a grain of salt would be more appropriate.

  2. Norman, it is more than disheartening to see that you apparently approve of the selling out of God's Country for thirty pieces of silver. It is sad and sickening. I have lived in coal country and I know what coal mining does to the land and the people, and that is the main reason I am living here instead of southwestern WV. Even with so-called environmental regulations the destruction is complete, and whole cities have had to relocate. Maybe you like the idea of strip mining or mountaintop removal out your back door, but most of us don't. Maybe you would be happier living in McDowell or Logan. I am certain that there are plenty of really cheap houses on the market there right now.

  3. love it let the strip mining of pocahontas county begin
    charter schools is what we need here public schools are a joke


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