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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

One Snag Down--One to Go

The Marlinton Town Council is single handedly attempting to undo the liberties gained by American patriots at the Boston Tea Party.

That principle was no taxation without representation.  When this issue came up months ago I went straight to Mayor Felton and complained.  My argument was simple:  Either you let me vote for members of the town council or forget taxing me.  To this day I am considered an "outside" because I don't live in the town of Marlinton.

My friend, John Leyzorek doesn't live in Marlinton either.  Together with Doug Bernier we constitute a group of three.  Fortunately,  our forefathers objected to a thing called a "tax," dressed up as Indians and dumped the English tea in the Boston Harbor.  That principle was secured for us by the Revolutionary War.

To this day,  we don't permit the Queen of England to tax us for anything.  Likewise,  Canada out good neighbor isn't allowed to tax us.  We won't even let Russian tax us.  So why would let the Town of Marlinton tax us without letting us vote for their town council or mayor.  IT JUST ISN'T DONE THAT WAY.

...but it's not a tax, but a fee!  That's what some say.

  Let me remind you that regardless it costs the taxpayer the same as if it were a tax.  Furthermore,  taxes are those things that government imposes upon its citizens  Either you pay or you lose something!!!  That's a tax, especially if you have to pay it!!  A fee is a price you pay if you use the service.  If you don't use the service, you don't pay for the service.  Lots of people will never use the 
fire service so why should they be formed to pay for.

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  1. Well Norman I always though you were the most self serving preacher in Pocahontas county, sorry Felton has took the lead, one thing about it, by the time we have the next flood there will not be enough left of Marlinton for it to be a problem.


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