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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Right on the Button

John Leyzorek 

We have an ongoing controversy of this type right here in Pocahontas County.We have only one, weekly, newspaper, The Pocahontas Times. 

Some years ago, one of our local political fringe tried, IIRC, to run a political advertisement which threatened the tender sensibiities or the blatant political biasses of the Times. 

The Times refused to print it, the would-be advertiser believed that his freedom of political speech was being infringed and sued, and lost.

The principle upheld by the SCOWV was, "Freedom of the press belongs to him who owns one".. 

I agree heartily. 

To argue otherwise is to deny the right of private property, to say that the Government should force you to allow the painting of the slogans YOU most hate, on YOUR wall.

HOWEVER, as the Founders knew and variously expresses, no system of law can successfully replace or obviate individual morality. 

The Times, as the only newspaper of general circulation in Pocahontas County had and has a MORAL obligation, which it continues to shirk, to print ALL the opinions and events of local interest. 

It has every right to append its own opinion to those it considers odious or dangerous, but it has no MORAL right to suppress them. But Government is far too blunt and interested an instrument to entrust with the power to enforce this MORAL obligation.


  1. any clue what that means I read it a few times so what is he trying to say ???? I mean I agree the Pocahontas times sucks big time and it hurts and hinders the people of this county with it `s stupid weekly content but after all how else would we find out about the traffic tickets that are handed out with great regularity after all they are really just a great source of revenue .... funny though at the same time any differing views that conflict with the B.O.E. or the comings and goings or even rapes that are committed in the court house are always filtered for us on the down low by that rag that really ain`t even fit to wrap fish in ....go figure

  2. The pokie times is too lazy to report real news or dig into local issues. That would require some work. There is absolutely no emphasis on journalism. I don't know why people buy it. As long as they have the money coming in they won't change a thing. I wish somebody would start another newspaper and put it out of business.


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