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Saturday, November 12, 2016



ELKINS — An Arborvale man who was allegedly a fugitive from justice in Virginia is facing felony charges.
Kenneth Ray Peck Jr., 40, is charged with one felony count of prohibited person in possession of a firearm. He is housed at Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $60,000 cash-only bond, set by Randolph County Magistrate George M. “Mike” Riggleman. He is also awaiting extradition from the state of Virginia for crimes he is alleged to have committed there.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, at approximately 6 p.m. on Thursday, Cpl. J.R. Wince, of the West Virginia State Police, responded to a Chestnut Street residence, in Elkins, to execute a search warrant for a separate investigation.
While approaching the home, Wince was met by a male individual later identified as Peck. He was secured and searched by Senior Deputy D.L. VanMeter, of the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, police said
While searching Peck, VanMeter located a Bersa .380 caliber pistol with a loaded magazine in his front left pants pocket, according to the complaint. A background check of Peck showed he was convicted on third-offense domestic battery on April 23, 2010, in the state of Virginia and sentenced to five years in prison.
If convicted, Peck could be sentenced to not more than five years in the state penitentiary, fined not more than $5,000, or both.
Other arrests recorded in Randolph County:
• Sosha Hope Streets, 23, of Elkins, was charged with one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver and one felony count of conspiracy to commit a felony against the state. She is housed at TVRJ on a $50,000 cash-only bond, set by Riggleman.
Clinton Dale McCauley, 25, of Elkins, was charged with one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. He is housed at TVRJ without bond due to also being a parole violator.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, Wince was assisting members of the West Virginia Division of Corrections Parole Services in an attempt to locate an absconding fugitive from parole.
Wince arrived at an apartment complex located at 1861 Beverly Pike, in Elkins, where he saw Federal Agent David Frazier walking from the complex, the complaint states.
Frazier told Wince he saw a gold Chevrolet Equinox pull off the roadway traveling toward the UPS building. He also said McCauley was driving the vehicle, according to the complaint.
Wince traveled to the UPS building and saw McCauley leave the vehicle and flee on foot, police said. He was apprehended by Frazier and VanMeter.
While McCauley was being detained, Wince located Streets in the rear of the vehicle attempting to hide in the back seat. She was also apprehended, according to the complaint.
Officers searched the vehicle and found a small black container with seven individually wrapped bags of a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine, the complaint states. It was located in the door panel on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
After being read his Miranda rights, McCauley admitted to Wince that the methamphetamine was his and he was selling it to make money so he could leave town, the complaint states.
After being read her Miranda rights, Streets told Wince that she knew McCauley possessed the methamphetamine and was intending to sell it, according to the complaint.
• Calvin Norse Herron Jr., 43, of Elkins, is charged with one felony count of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver. He is housed at TVRJ on a $25,000 cash-only bond, set by Riggleman.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, at approximately 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Wince received a call from the West Virginia Division of Corrections Parole Services regarding Herron.
Wince received information from the U.S. Marshals Service that Herron was to be picked up for a previous and unrelated federal indictment, according to the complaint.
The information given to Wince was that Herron was on his way to the Elkins Bowling Recreation Center to sell a controlled substance. Wince was given a description of the vehicle and an approximate time the transaction was scheduled to take place, police said.
At approximately 3 p.m., the same day, Herron arrived at the bowling alley in a yellow 2000 Volkswagon Beatle. After being detained in the parking lot, Wince discovered Herron was in possession of three 15 mg Oxycodone pills, the complaint states.
Herron had the intent to sell the pills to another individual who was present on the scene, according to the complaint.
After being read his Miranda rights, Herron provided a written statement saying he was selling the pills to get money so he could purchase methamphetamine for personal use, the complaint states.
• Mya Chole Light, 38, of Belington, is charged with one felony count of grand larceny and one felony count of failure to return rental property. She is housed at TVRJ on a $55,000 cash or surety bond, set by Randolph County Magistrate Ben Shepler.
Ryan Lee Daugherty, 31, of Belington, is charged with one felony count of grand larceny. He is housed at TVRJ on a $50,000 cash or surety bond, set by Shepler.
According to a criminal complaint filed in Randolph County Magistrate Court, on Aug. 4, Sgt. R.W. Belt, of the Elkins Police Department, responded to South Henry Avenue, in Elkins, regarding a stolen vehicle complaint.
Upon arrival, Belt spoke with the alleged victim, who said he looked outside that morning around 6:30 a.m. and noticed his vehicle was missing. He provided Belt with the registration number of the vehicle and said it was a black Honda CRV. He added that the ignition of the vehicle was broken and the key was in it. He said it was “wired up to start with a screwdriver,” the complaint states.
A neighbor across the street supplied Belt with video footage of the vehicle backing down the street toward 10th Street before driving east on 10th Street. The alleged victim said he also left his wallet in the vehicle, according to the complaint.
Belt watched the surveillance footage and could not see anyone get into the vehicle but saw it take off at 1:15 a.m. At 9:15 a.m., the alleged victim called police and said someone had used his credit card and he would find out where before giving a statement, police said.
Belt noted in the report that the value for a 2002 Honda CRV is approximately $1,985 to $2,964, in fair condition.
At 10:10 a.m., the alleged victim went to the Elkins Police Department and gave a statement that his bank card was used at 2:13 a.m. at Wal-Mart, in the amount of $198.68. He said at 2:58 a.m. it was used at the Huttonsville Par Mar for $100, $58.90 and $58.90, all of which were denied, the complaint states.
Belt obtained Wal-Mart surveillance footage and observed the CRV pull into the parking lot on the grocery store side. Another video was obtained that showed two suspects checking out – one a male later identified as Daugherty and the second being a female later identified as Light, according to the complaint. The video shows both of them leaving the store and meeting with two unidentified males before all four leave in the vehicle.
Belt spoke with the Huttonsville Par Mar manager who said at 2:58 a.m., the vehicle pulled into the gas pumps but it cannot be seen, the complaint states.
The manager said the male in the vehicle was bald but had a beard. She added that he came in, went to the bathroom and left. The description matched Daugherty, according to the complaint.
On Aug. 8, Belt was told by Cpl. G.L. Brown, also of the Elkins Police Department, that the alleged victim’s vehicle was recovered in Staunton, Virginia.Officer B. Shiflett, of the Staunton Police Department, said there were three individuals in the vehicle, including Daugherty and Light, police said.
The vehicle was towed to the Staunton Police Department impound lot and all three individuals were arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, the complaint states.


  1. It's good to know that Norman keeps a watch on local criminal activity. You wont ever see any police reports like this in Pocahontas Co. The only way they catch anyone here is by the use of CI snitches. The only investigations they do is to find another woman they can intimidate into having sexual relations with. Otherwise all they do is sit around looking to hand out traffic citations and bullshit with there cronies. We can only hope that the election of our new Sheriff is that he plows under the overgrown weeds and plants a new garden.

  2. jonese wont be happy they was his spy and he got off with a lot

    1. I wonder how he plans on protecting his minions aka snitchs and big mouth wanta be goons now that he will be out of office and did they think about that when running their mouth.

  3. this guy peck is one of our out going sheriff`s boys(snitch)who lives in the Hannah run trailer park which is owned by George shears ..a few months back peck and his babies momma Kimberly cassel got raided for having a meth lab in their trailer a baby was taken from the trailer ...the two of them went to jail but only for a week got out on a $1000 bail ....while they was locked up the sheriff took care of their dogs with food and water twice a day.... weird but all the charges got dropped due to the paper work being filled out incorrectly what are the chances of that happening I ask you ...the whole time peck lived in arbovale a rash of home break ins and the greenbank dentist and doctors offices some people think peck and his buddies are the culprits but our sheriff was trying to crack a dead cat by a dog crime the owner of the trailer park received numerous complaints of drug activity and dealing at his trailer park ...George shears said that he didn`t care what his tenants did as long as they paid the rent a lot of places his allowing this illegal activity to go on would cause him to loose this property in forfeiture when drug arrests are made....remember when kris nutter was busted for less then 15 grams of pot and got a felony and one years probation the collar was made by Sammy hummel (the rapist) shortly after getting off the train from san diego California and right before the 2012 sheriff election it was the only one that held up in court at that time....doesn`t seem right or fair do it

    1. Really?? for someone who knows so much about our lives (lmao)!! or thinks they do lol u have no clue bc nothing u said is true, u even fucked my name CASSELL, n talking all this shit like u know something sounds like info only a (snitch) thereself would have access to or your life is just that pathetic which im sure it is lol unless your just an obsessed weirdo who is that interested in our lives.. the pocohontas sheriff's dept and there so called raid lol was a joke there wasnt any methlab found or ever there n the charges were dropped because it was entrapment n they made fools of thereself when there was no drugs found, guess what turns out its illegal for the sheriff to send his C informant to meet kennys (cousin) to make a drug buy in our driveway when neither of them r residents in our home they cant set up a buy at someone's house when the residents arent involved or the ones making the deal, thats why the charges were dropped bc it was a joke!! the cousin is still facing his charges bc hes the one that did it! i know your a little slow so if u confused ill type in bigger letters for you! and your info about the paperwork being messed up n our bonds being 1000 wtf r u talking about?? our bonds were dropped when the charges were but try tripling your number a few times n u might get it close to what our bonds were! tell the sheriff thanks for feeding our dogs lol did u ride along n help him? there so called humane people wouldnt even come feed them.. i seriously dont know how u make it thru a whole day being that stupid oh wait i bet you still live with your mommy right.. a little FYI when u comment on shit atleast tell the truth!! nobody knows the real truth except the people there at the time shit happens. u know where we live and so much (weird) btw when kenny gets out why dont u just stop by and tell him what u think MR anonymous!! lmao u wouldnt say shit to his face so why be a badass talking shit on here. i hope no one is dumb enough to believe anything u write n even if they do dont care anyways

    2. So that's why Kenny came out of the trailer with his hands out for the cuffs, he was expecting those cops to show up. Did he sell out his cousin, who is as you posted, the only one who remains in jail?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. What I said was his cousin is still facing his delivery charge I didn't say he's still in jail there's such thing as bond) n Kenny n his cousin were in jail for almost 2 mths not a week I was in jail a week. And kenny walked out on the porch bc we heard over the scanner they were pulling in at his residence. He opened the door n started to walk out to see why they were there because he didn't know Richard literal aka bufford snitches on his cousin earlier that evening. He didn't walk out with his hands oUT whatever lol and he snitchef on his cousin? Glad all of u r informing me of what happened with me but I was there unless u were too?? Starting go wonder bc of how involved u are with us but no one says who they r it's always anonymous n all bc Kenny's in jail n u know your safe because none of this has been said to him. FYI Kenny's cousin would disagree about your theory ofkenny snitch in on him I promise u that, anyways how do u people (know) so much? When I say know I mean the twisted version of the story. It's a little weird u people care so much in the first place about the charges n shit why is that? We r big news LMAO get a hobby but not one person mentioned Richard literal bufford the whole reason for any of it, but no everyone wants to say it was bc a meth lab in the trailer that's not even possible anyways n u all r talking bout how toxic n dangerous it is Ivery heard of them blowing up peoples houses so how the hell did we live in a small trailer with one?? N if there was one found why wasn't it posted in the pocahontas times n inter mountain? Oh wait it would've been n a federal charge and they wouldn't allow anyone to snitch if they got the (big maker) of it who would they have him snitch on. Everyone of u people really need help n GOD in your lives u don't have one clue what the truth is or you'd told atleast one thing that was true which u haven't, kenny peck is an actual legend in this small county with so many pathetic drama starting liars and I cant believe he's so intestine to u people. Go ahead n make up your lies bc I know what happened n I have my paprework, the criminal complaint n NO they didn't mess up our paperwork lol OMG they fucked up for entrapment n having NO search warrant Mooron oh yea then they come back 9 days later to get there (evidence) no sense so I questioned the sheriff n he said they took pics but didn't take it again no sense and illegal surprise but get back to all the stupidNess your writing n if u say it enough eventually you believe what your saying!! R u people watching my house?? Too interested in this shit not to be go back to lyingwe know the truth n this shit being said don't even make sense, tell the truth n mind your own business I'm sure your hands aren't clean and that's why your on here talking bout us to keep your dirt covered up.. it'll come out it always does!! Think what u want I'm doing great right now working taking care of everything in,my life n it kills dra.a queens like u when there there may happInes OMG put a stop to that right now.. let's go gang up n try in bring down a single mom bc we hate kenny peck anyone to do that r lowlifes, but go ahead n try it won't work. I'll pray for all of u seriously need it, I don't know who it is but I'll just anonymous lol,

    5. Your a idiot your freinds are criminals two-bit criminals punks and you're sticking up for them that means you're a punk.

    6. He is a legend all right, just ask Cracker, or the many other one's that he has snitched on and gotten himself out of trouble. He might be a legendary rat, but not a legend.
      You keep defending him, is that the meth getting to your brain? I hear it kills your brain cells and also your teeth and skin. Do you really want your daughter growing up thinking that it is ok to live with scum like that? Because often children mirror their parents. I would think that you would want a better life for her. You need to get away for Kenny while you still can, if not for yourself then for your child.
      With as many people that he has stolen from, snitched on and ripped off, I would not want one thing to do with him, and I would get my family out of his path of destruction. And what about his other kids? He let his crimes and addictions overcome the love for his own flesh and blood. Are you not worried that he is going to do the same to you and your child? I would be worried that he would come back. Unfortunately you have the mind set of most woman.
      You think you need a man around to take care of you, but you need to realize, he is not going to be able to take care of you or your child from behind bars. If he really loved you and your child, he would have straightened his ass up, got clean, got a real job and made a family life for you all. He doesn't give a crap about you or anyone else. The only person Kenny cares about is himself.
      Maybe after the poison leaves your system you too will see that, it is not too late for you or your little girl. Get out while you can!! Save your child from hopping from foster home to foster home.
      You want to know why we care so much? I will tell you that too, I care because I don't want my loved ones to ever see meth, much less be on it. I am sorry that I actually care enough to want to see that disgusting drug and all its users gone. Behind bars, or in rehab. There are only two paths that you can chose, one is a life of sobriety and happiness, the other is a life of that demon drug and eventually death. Go to church, go to meetings, just do not go back to Kenny and his illegal activity. I am actually rooting for you and that precious baby to have a decent life. Become the sweet, innocent person you used to be before he came around and screwed up your life. You can do this, if not for yourself, for your child. I wish you luck in your future and I really hope that you will wake up and smell the coffee, instead of meth fumes.

  4. oh yeah almost forgot Kimberly cassel still lives in that toxic contaminated trailer with yhat baby girl and there is still a lot of cars driving in and out for 5 minutes at a time sure looks like drug activity but thank god no dogs are fighting with any cats

  5. First of all, I would like to say that finally this guy is off the streets, and I am glad he is. He was poisoning not only himself, his girlfriend, and child with that crap, but also his customers. I find it odd that not only was his "paperwork" wrong, but also Kim's and his sister's? That is an awful lot of typos if you ask me. Perhaps the PCSD should take typing classes.

    Now on to the rest of this story, because it does get juicier. Mr. Peck was seen at the bottom of Snowshoe with several deputies, on of which was giving Mr. Peck a pat on the back as he got into a white SUV. All at the same time, he was listed as being incarcerated at TVRJ. I didnt' think that the deputies came to get you if you make bond. As far as I know, your ride home is your own problem. I certainly wouldn't think that the deputies would be giving you pats on the back after busting you for selling methamphetamines.

    Mr. Peck has worked for the PCSD for so long, that he should have a full time position there. He has gotten out of more charges than Hillary. And I would also like to know why the warrant from VA was not found when the Pocahontas County cops inittially arrested him? Once again, Randolph County police had to do the actual work to get him behind bars. In fact, the last time Mr. Peck went into a crime spree, he was being awarded with money, cars and who know's what else by the PCSD. I guess they thought meth wasn't as dangerous as the other people he told on. I don't think any snitches should be able to cut deals, and keep on with their crimes. I don't think ANY snitches should be paid and housed at our expense, while running meth labs. Are we supposed to ignore the fact that he and his girlfriend and sister were slinging this poison all over the county? Are we supposed to say, it's ok, they are telling on others, so they should not have to face their own consequences?

    I was also under the impression when someone is caught with meth and meth precusers that they should be charged federally, since meth is now.a federal crime. Yeah, they are all bragging that their charges were dismissed, but why were they dismissed? So that they can go play tattle tale like a little child and put the blame on someone else? Instead of letting them snitch, PROSECUTE them! How many more meth labs, break ins, stolen tools, copper and everything else are we supposed to ignore coming from this family?

    And when they were in full operations of selling, and making this stuff, a little baby was exposed to the fumes and toxic people that this crap brings with it. An innocent child that is still in her parents custody even after they were caught dead to rights having her in harms way. Has CPS even investigated this?

    1. Kimberly if you are ever lucky enough to get into re-hab the first thing you will learn is if you walk like a duck and dress like a duck and talk just like a duck and you always hang around with ducks and in your case live with a duck guess what everybody thinks you are ???

    2. snitchs
      All typical the law lets them do as they wish as long as they tell on others.
      Some people have robbed business and home for years and got away
      With it.
      All of the older deputies knew about this and looked the other way.
      They are all want to be gangsters but are really punks.

    3. Lets not forget who these people are related to the turners.
      Enough said.

    4. A lot of snitchs and dopers tend to go around talking shit and making threats against people for telling
      the truth.
      They hate it when they get busted and exposed as snitches.
      In the end they are punks.
      They snitch on people for doing what they do even their own family.
      No regular jobs on welfare.
      The lowest of snitchs.
      They will all cry foul now. Their freinds will cry foul.
      The Sheriffs office will deny.
      The people need to stand up when our law will not.

    5. They will sell their souls to stay out of jail.

    6. I do know kenny peck is a damn good fighter, Im a man and i wouldn't try him because I've seen him fight and send people to icu but I bet no one would say any of this to his face and that's why no one says who they are because they already know what would happen kenny be at your door so I can't agree with the punk comments and I don't know about snitching on everyone but no one gonna do a thing about it. I dare you say how you feel to his face when he gets out or say your name I bet u won't I wouldn't if I liked my face but we can be who we want to be online hiding behind our screen not using our real names but atleast he knows who he is and don't care what anyone thinks of him and wouldn't be writing on here as anonymous he would type this is kenny peck because what would anyone do about it nothing but run and hide or that would be my advice to ya

    7. You clearly dont know what a punk is.has nothing to do with abality to fight but the abality to be a real man a good man.

    8. You clearly dont know what a punk is.has nothing to do with abality to fight but the abality to be a real man a good man.

    9. Definition of punk a worthless person

    10. Then kenny should get on here and tell us all what happened not have his woman do all the talking.

    11. Well he probably could if he wasn't in jail I'm positive that they don't give there inmates Internet access to the pocahontas commentator lol look on tvrj website he's still in jail and the drfinition of a punk could also be people too scared to say who they are or say it to his face. But that's a scared punk I should've been specific.

    12. Yes hes a scared punk thats why he carrys a .380 pistol.
      Hes scared he will run across a person hes screwed.
      Soon he will be doing time his wife will have somwone kissing on her he wont be raising his own child welfare will.
      Again definition of a punk a worthless person.

  6. a few years back after Kimberly`s true love Kenny as she calls him snitched on a few people jonese got them out of dodge and relocated them .he got them a trailer in a mobile home park right before you get into Beverly and got Kenny love a job didn`t last to long and he blew the job and put together a ring of other creeps and they trashed a home of some really nice people in stoney bottom took even his truck and totaled it in Belington .....pretty shortly after that they turn up in Hannah run trailer park owned by George shears and start cooking meth right away ....the land loard is as guilty as they are if he does not care to supervise or care what is going on on his property then he should have it forfeitured ....Kenny love no more cares about Kimberly and his little girl then he does about being a human being .... the proof is in that gun he was carrying and the house he was coming out of in elkins if he really loved his family he would be doing the right things wouldn`t he Kimberly you want everybody to have a pity party for you because your a single mom with a job ... well honey welcome to the real world the only one I feel pity for is that little kid you two screw ups brought into this world .... you knew what was going on the whole time and you were along for the ride the newspaper said you are 26 years old and whether you realize it or not you are already F.F.L. .... YOU HAVE THAT POOR KID LIVING IN THAT CONTAMINATED FILTH YOU you should be evicted the baby should be taken away from you and that trailer should be taken to hazardous waste land fill at the owners expense and land filled not to be rented out to some unsuspecting innocent family in the future.... earth to C.P.S. time to step in here

  7. A legend hardly.
    Any one who has to allegdly steal to eat cause they wont work is not a legend.
    How much welfare are you collecting as the mistress of a legend.

  8. Paper work messed up and the Sheriff feeding his dog two times a day pat on thr back also.

    Relly I wonder if they think were that stupid if so you know who really is stupid.

  9. I wonder if Jonese will keep his 4 stars or pass them down or sell them.
    Im willing to buy them I offically offer the going rate of what ever the cost of a box of cracker jacks are.
    Of course if he hires kenny for a deputy he can give them to him.

  10. Legend in his own mind and yours if you're dumb enough to believe it.
    I can understand being confused why the Sheriff was there.
    After all there were so many choices you could not keep track.
    Legend small-time real small time..

  11. Well now kenny being a Legend and all would explain why the sheriff was feed his dogs.
    How that Legend thing A working out for you anyway there missy.You must be proud and all him being so special and all.

  12. Right now the entire bunch are pointing fingers blaming eachother.
    Its actually funny to watch them unravel.

  13. Legend or not? I couldn't care less either way, but I can say these people are famous n this small county obviously people can't stop talking about them and have to keep on. People are so quick to judge one another and it's no one's job to judge each other it's God's and one of these days we will all have to pay for our sins and we ALL know we are not perfect and sin everyday, one is no worse from another just because it gets talked about on a commentater but others just don't get put out in public, and rumors never help anything and this county is good at it. Live your own lives and let others live there's and don't believe every rumor you hear if you didn't witness what happened I didn't read any thing in any newspapers or news that there was a meth lab found in that house and haven't heard that until reading these comments but it seems like that would've been on the front page. We need to live our own lives and let others live there's. All your doing is giving this couple more publicity because everyone cares so much about them and not in a good way it's judgemental,negative and I'm sure hypocrytical because none of us are perfect and there's a lot more going on behind closed doors than anyone can imagine and the people that stay on there computers all day to live for this drama are the ones with the most to hide and running others down makes them feel better about it. Pray and love each other this world is close to the end of days and soon we all will face judgement day. Move on and let it be already no one knows the truth about anything that really goes on and the things you hear are not always true let them deal with there own problems we all have them, they need prayed for! Hopefully god will lead this young girl in the right path and she let's him in her heart for her and her baby girl because that's what she needs and her baby needs her mommy! None of us know the truth but her and PCSD and they commit just as many crimes as anyone but have the power to cover there's up. This is a truly sad situation and reading these comments breaks my heart.

    1. some how I think you missed the point ....our out going excuse for a sheriff was aiding and abetting and protecting this creep while he was breaking into peoples homes and at the same time manufacturing and selling and using poison ...any doubts just refer to the picture at the top look at his face those rashes are a tell tale sign that he has a bad addiction to meth .... understand that he gets paid by the P.S.D. from the D.E.A.and the P.S.D. GETS MONEY WHEN THESE C.I.`S snitch for little kim she is already F.F.L. the pity and prayers should be for the baby

    2. You go ahead and let them move in with you. Give them you.
      They will also make great Neighbors.
      Really do you have a clue .

  14. I know kenny and kim if your heart is broken over these comments your a fool.
    Best thing would be if he went to jail for 15 years or moved to the middle east.

  15. I agree 100% with you. People judge people when they have no clue what theyre talking about! I've known kim along time and she's never changed.. she's always been loyal,and knows the definition of morals and integrity which is rare in this county with small minded people that love drama! Kim is a great mom and I've seen it with my own eyes that baby is her life and she is for sure a mommy's girl. And I've been in Kim's house and it's spotless always kept clean, and would never let anyone hurt that baby and these are facts! Not lies or stupidNess made up to start drama. Why u all want to tell lies on her and make her out to look like trash makes you no better than her or anyone else. And just like the previous comment said there was nothing said about a meth lab being found! In this county that would be the biggest news in history (sad) but true and it would be on the front page of the times. And if anyone knows the truth about what took place at that time it would be kim and kenny. Everybody just wants to add on and make up lies to add to it but get real if a meth lab was found they would have never dropped any charges so mind your own business and quit getting your nose involved in my friends life and get up off your couch and put the laptop down and get jobs yourselves,everyone knows those few people who live for this website and drama not to mention Facebook and the fact of the matter is there probably just jealous because they weren't getting any of those (so called) drugs and it's killing them because they think they're missing out! You know who you are the few that live life for the Internet and drama tina, lisa, just to name a couple and are no beer than kim or anyone else and are also on drugs, welfare, have no job! But can judge kim all day.and I'm starting to agree with kim on the whole legend thing but I'm thinking more celebrity's around here!! You all can't get them off your minds so they're obviously getting attention. Get a life of your own your no better than anyone and you know it, your probably worse than they are you just can't admit it. Leave her alone and stay out of her have no idea what your talking about.

    1. Another fool speaks

    2. If she knows the Definition of morals and integrity what the hell she doing with a loser like him.
      Seems to me you dont know her at all.

  16. funny her mom lived in that same trailer with kim as a young teenager and the whole time her moms live in boy friend dealt drugs the like it was a wal greens store and of course our excuse for a sheriff knew what was going on and off course did nothing until late in the game the guy went out in hand cuffs was put on $90,000 and later he walked too ....if little kim is such a loving mother why I would ask does she cast her lot with such trash with a loser with a short nose 9mm hand many years do the good and I stress good people of arbovale have to put up with a steady procession of drug dealers in that trailer park before someone lights a fire under the ass of the owner of that trailer park namely George shears and put a stop to it

  17. Speaking of felons Sir Rotten is enjoying yet another holiday in his all expense paid retreat.
    Hopefully he is having another fine meal and enjoying his accommodations.
    I do so wish that Sir Rotten and five finger Peck could share luxury accommodations with eachother for 5 to 10 years.That would be justice.

  18. No I aint able to say if old kenny is a good fighter or not and put people in the icu.
    But it must be true as hes wanted in Virginia someplace for that domestic violence and all.
    That usually means hes been beating up on someone.
    Normally your better half.
    I guess that either means he beat up on a woman or hes gay and beat up a man.
    Either way it explains why hes a packing that pistol cause hes scared of a woman he beat up or a little gay guy.

  19. Unless kenny can snitch again hes probally looking at 5 years here and 5 in Virginia.
    Kim you going to wait ten years on your deadbeat Legend or wise up.

  20. Any update on Sir. Rotten Totten ?
    Is he still crying about how tough protective custody has on him.
    I think he should get his wish and be put in general population then he'll really know how hard it is.

    The Road Runner...


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