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Monday, November 28, 2016



  1. What does all this teacher-speak garbage mean? I don't know since the scores are not reported in a form that street people can understand. Maybe that is intentional since they don't want us to know how bad the test results actually are.

  2. I think it means that in spite of the decrepit falling down flood plain and poorly maintained schools that our beloved and cherished kids are not only learning but that they are learning very well and are scoring very highly despite the fact that our teachers who are under paid are reaching and inspiring their students to learn ....imagine that go figure...and the levy didn`t pass

  3. Norman has obviously posted these 3 reports for a reason. Those reasons he has not shared. What he needs to do is to write along with each individual graphic HIS interpretation, understanding, concerns and take on all this "data". With a general summary statement at the top or bottom of the whole posts on what he believes all this "data" shows. Why there are some low scores, and what he or others believe can be done to correct that, and what is at fault/blame for those. With out that, this is just page filler. It will serve no purpose and cause no enlightenment to nor correction of the issues. It at present does not assist the citizens to move forward proactively and be able to correct deficits, and major issues. Where do the lights need to be shined, or more facts need to be dug? Point those fingers.


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