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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Close Your Eyes on this Page--Take a Deep Breath and Try Not to Inhale.

Question:  Who is this J. Walker who has sued the county?  Is that the Jamie Walker who is pulling down $39,000 per year a
and who is a bus driver too!

Then for those who voted for a levy because the buildings were falling down, notice that the board has managed to hire a new administrator for the county.

Maybe they should use that salary to fix the buildings?


  1. well, at least they fired your ass!

    1. only one of the many raw deals emory grimes officiated at and he has a mistress

  2. O no you absolutely need new administrators the only way to pass the blame down from person to person.And get away with it.

  3. So, do they have a calendar? They give out free ones in the basement of the court house compliments of the Pocahontas County Extension Service. Maybe they need to pick up a few of those.

    "Monday November 9, 2016" Today is Wednesday, it is the 9th. Monday was the 7th.

    Why are things that are quite simple to do correctly always done incorrectly in this county? geez

    You can not get good qualified citizens to fill these jobs, if we don't fully support the children NOW who should be able to grow up and fill jobs, be successful, and do them well.

    Money properly invested and executed in education of our children is the foundation of proper societies. It is also the rule of law "FREE and APPROPRIATE education for all".

    It is beyond time to get down to the serious business of the REAL bosses, the citizens the taxpayers to audit fully everything.

    Like all the money being filtered out the schools with this BS, the hinky stuff about money supposed to be used for the jail, and other things not being used correctly.

    It is also time to gather up and create a "Citizen's Committee" and go after initiating recalls, assisting parties to fill out complaints to various entities, and removal of many persons from many offices and jobs. No matter if they even just got in yesterday. Enough

  4. Why are they approving extra duty pay and employ pay for Oct.22? The employs have already got paid, if the board does not approve it do the employs have to give it back? Maybe they do need a calendar.

  5. since the levy went down in a blaze even after the many hard sell public meetings and even after some of those meetings would not entertain any questions from the floor because questions at earlier meetings proved embarrassing and pointed out huge holes in those presentations... so what about the $100,000 paid out to an architect to come up with this boondoggle way to put their hand in our pockets ..... I agree with lyle tallman`s ads in the times that the superintendents contract should not be allowed to be renewed ...imagine what could have been done with 100 g`s to put it in prospective a brand new school bus costs right around that price or it could have been put toward repairs or at least a start on repairs ....funny in a lot of places schools are replaced because they are over crowded never heard of being replaced for being to empty because of declining enrollment .... how many times are they going to bring this up on ballots and are they going to spend money on architects every time .... it really is time for emeroy grimes to get out of the way and take his marbles and go home to his concubine because his time on the school board has been a corrupt waste of time...with his low morals he should not be in a position to judge anyone else and past judgement on employee`s


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